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    I have custody of my three kids and my ex wife has never paid her court ordered child support. I turned her over to DHS a couple of months ago. Apparently she got a letter in the mail the other day, because she called my son and told him she was probably going to go to jail for nonpayment. She told him that the letter stated that she had to pay $2900 (which is not even half of what she owes). How does it work? If she doesn't pay that amount like it says to will they immediately issue a warrant or what?

    Child Support Collections These days, income withholding is the preferred method of child support collection in most states. This method allows the non-custodial parent’s employer to automatically deduct child support payments from his or her paycheck just as income taxes are deducted. These funds are then sent directly to the state’s child support collections agency for disbursement to the custodial parent. Collecting Past Due Child Support Payments In addition to income withholding, most states can also utilize other methods for enforcing a court order for child support and collecting past due child support payments. These methods include credit bureau reporting, establishing liens against real and personal property; license denial or suspension, revoking passports; intercepting tax refunds, lottery winnings, unemployment funds, or workers’ compensation payments; garnishing bank accounts, and enforcement through the courts. 1.Consumer Credit Bureau Reporting: When a non-custodial parent owes past due child support payments, the state child support agency may report this delinquency to the consumer credit bureaus that track credit records. This can affect the debtor’s ability to secure a loan, obtain employment, or establish a new credit card. 2.Liens: According to the child support laws in most states, the state child support agency can place a lien on certain types of real property owned by the non-custodial parent such as his or her house or car. This lien will prevent the non-custodial parent from selling the property until all the debt is paid. In addition, some states allow the child support agency to seize the property as payment for past due child support payments. 3.License/Passport Denial or Suspension: Many state child support agencies can work in cooperation with other state and federal agencies to request that a non-custodial parent who is in arrears for child support payments has certain licenses denied or revoked. These include driver’s licenses, recreational licenses, passports, and professional licenses. 4.Intercepting Other Sources of Income: If a non-custodial owes past-due child support payments, the state child support collection agency may intercept other sources of income, such as tax refunds, lottery winnings, unemployment funds, or workers’ compensation payments to repay the debt. The amount intercepted will be no more than the amount of delinquent support owed. 5.Garnishing Bank Accounts: Child support agencies can also garnish a non-custodial parent’s bank accounts or investments in order to pay for past due child support payments. 6.Judicial Actions: In severe cases, when the state has not been successful at obtaining child support payments using the other enforcement methods mentioned above, the child support agency may ask to courts to take action against the debtor. He or she may be subject to jail time or required to post bond agreeing to pay their child support payments on time in the future. Hope this is what you looking for.Good Luck

    I cannot tell you for sure what they will do because I am not familiar with Oklahoma Child Support Laws but in Georgia where I live here is what happens: $500 behind-CSR can collect from your tax refund $1000 behind- CSR puts it on your credit report, contacts non-custodial parent's employer to have it taken out of their check on a weekly basis. $5000 behind-CSR will revoke your passport rights, out a lien on any bank account or property you own and will suspend your Drivers licence. Not real sure of the Jail thing but I am sure a judge has to order her to go to jail first. The CSR don't really tell you things like this. I would think jail is the last option because from jail the parent cannot pay the child support, thats obvious. Hope this helps!

    In Colorado they issue a warrant, throw you in jail, and let you out. My son's sperm donor has repeated this cycle numerous times and that's all they do. They already took away his liscense so he can't drive. He owes over $19,000 in back child support but he doesn't mind spending time in jail. If that's the case, there is nothing they can do. The person has to have a job inorder for support to be taken out.

    If she doesn't pay she will be arrested and it will take the amount she owes to bail her out, and that money is sent to you, at least that is what happened when they arrested my ex... BUT.. since she is a woman (and I literally can't stand this) they will probably take their sweet time doing it, cuz for heavens sake she's a woman!! But let it be a man that far behind and he would be in jail before his head stopped spinning... sorry..apparently I need my pills today.. LOL..(kidding)

    I'm not sure about Oklahoma, but in Kaneohe they will issue a warrant, more like a bench warrant. Wont be served but if they get pulled over they will arrest you!

    They won't do anything, Oklahoma is lazy and they don't follow up like they are supposed to. You will need to call CSE(child support enforcement) and see what would they do in this situation

    They want her to pay not to actually put her in jail. As long as she starts by paying the 2,900 they will give her more time.

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