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    So i have an arrears of 1000 dollars which I'm planing on paying today along with my regular rent , my question is since my landlord sold the building to someone else and gave me the address to whom i should be paying for rent ...I'm confuse as to how the arrears would go do I pay the balance to the new landlord or to the old one please help since none of them were able to be reached when I called ?!!!

    What Donna is saying is you should write out a paper check (old fashioned but works great for this) and in the blank where you write who the check pays the money to- you write both names. Then mail it to the new guy- he will be forced to also get the old guy to sign off on the check and that will prove you paid whoever you should pay. They probably settled accounts at closing and you owe the back rent to the new guy but you would never know for sure without talking to both.

    I would pay the new owner. The old owner boosted the sale price of the building to account for the fact you owe $1,000. The old owner has been paid through the sale. Also, if the old owner expected you to pay him then he would have contacted you and told you to pay him. If you pay the new owners then you can tell him you paid them because he told you and everyone else to pay the new owners, show him proof you paid, and let him go after the new owners for that money.

    You are $1,000 Kaneohe arrears, you dont HAVE an arrears. Call your old landlord and ask him.

    I would make it payable to both of them and specify the time frame it covers.

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    Ernest Thompson
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