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    My father owes my mom $30,000 + in unpaid child support, i am now 28 years old. my mother did take him to court numerous times throughout my childhood, his wages were garnished a few times, but he would change jobs so often my mom just gave up after the 4th court appearance cuz the garnishment would need to done again for every job change. she just didn't have the time or money to keep persuing him. the last time she went to court, he owed $32,000. now she tells me i could hire a lawyer and recover it for myself, and she is willing to forfeit her rights to the arrears over to me and appear in court if needed. i live in MA, i understand some states allow this to happen, but can't identify if Kaneohe is one of those states.

    My father now lives in maine in a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house, ocean front, drives a 2012 SUV, works at a PGA approved golf course resort. he has money to pay, my mom just stopped caring. he used to be a loser and have no money, now he's basking in life. he's an alchoholic who only cares about himself, so if i could i would spend the money and go through the motions that my mother no longer feels the need too. it kills me that he can just live his life freely, BETTER than my mom lives her life, and still owe US $32,000. it's a matter of principal now. i didn't ask if you think i should, i asked if i can. i know SOME states allow the child to recover arrears once he/she reaches 18yo.

    Oh, and i've gotten on with my life, i could care less about the money. like i said, it's a matter of principal now. which is why i'm willing to spend money to go after him if it makes sense. i'm not unemployed looking for a free paycheck. i work 50 hours a week, own 2 vehicles (one antique worth $40,000), have 2 kids of my own which i do support, own a house, etc. don't come at me like i'm scum of the earth....that's one thing my father did show me, what type of person NOT to be. thanks for all the digs on me and my "greed", but screw you. i'm trying to get a point across to him, not line my pockets.

    In NO state is child support ever paid directly to the child. your mother will have to take him to court again if she wants you can do nothing

    is not uncommon that when 1 parent "skirts" the system to do just what your dad did, thus over the years, your mother just gave up. My 1st thought when I read your question, was that the statute of limitations may have run, and he would not owe, but the 1st site "implies" that in both states, does not. The 2nd site is the Kaneohe Department of Revenue where the best possible chance of possibly going after him for past due child support owed. They show the ways that they can pursue and collect, which means assets. In most states, they will do this on average of $50 cost. The state has more ability to seize or garnish vs paying a lawyer to do this. But, it could be that even though he has this home, SUV etc, that nothing is in his name, since in the past would quit jobs to make your mother crazy starting/stopping garnishment, and knows the system well. Personally, for you to collect makes no sense. But, if she were to collect, then she could use the money to take a nice vacation that she most likely could not afford raising you. Or why not use that money to be put into a college fund for her grandchildren. Go with her to the state office for support and suggest that if she is able to collect anything, that she is owed, just for all the years that she had to do with out. good luck

    I am not a lawyer, nor have I ever played one on TV. Take this for whatever you think it's worth. I think you're more likely to get an answer you can trust if you talk to a lawyer who's well versed in family law in Massachusetts, rather than asking a mob of people whose only qualification is that they have a few minutes spare time and access to a computer. Otherwise, you'll end up getting laughed out of court when you tell the judge that "FunkiDuud3477 on the internet said I could get lots of money this way, guaranteed!" Some lawyers will do a free initial consultation. Gather some supporting documentation and be ready to present your case in a total of 5-10 minutes, and see what you learn. Beware, though - if the lawyer doesn't think the case is strong enough to have a reasonable guarantee of success (so that he/she will get paid from what you recover), you'll have to pay up front for his or her time and services. And even if you do win, if your father changes jobs again, will you have to repeat the garnishment process all over? At 28 years old, you're generally expected to support yourself on what you earn, not what you might win by suing someone. You can run this down if you want, but it might be time to and realize that your dad wasn't the equivalent of Mr. Rogers, and just get on with your life.

    I've never heard of any states that allow a child to collect the child support that's owed to the parent, unless the parent had died. Your mother is the one who would have to go after your father. She can do this, generally, by contacting the state where the judgement was rendered, and have the state do most of the heavy lifting. She might have to contact the state where she lives, or where he lives, instead. But it's the first step. And states are getting more aggressive about collecting child support.

    I'm not a lawyer but it seems that he owes your mom, not you. Your mom could bring suit as there is no statute of limitations for child support....he still owes it! But even if you get a court order does he have the ability to pay? If he has no money then it would just be a waste of time, even though he still owes it.

    No. The child support money was for your mother to use as she wished or needed to use it. Hopefully, she spent it on helping to pay rent, utilities and food, and not so she could go out and get a tattoo or buy booze. Congratulations on getting your life together. If you have moved on...then dismiss your deadbeat father and really move on. Vengeance will not make you feel any better about what he has done.

    You can and she most have done something wrong in the process of suing him. IM saying this because court takes it very seriously. I know a guy who changed jobs a lot and feel back on child support. After missing 3 months of child support court started taking it out of his paycheck before he received it. But you need to jump on that. Some States do have it paid directly do the child. In Alabama, if set up right, All child support goes into a State protected bank account that can not be touched until the child is 18 years of age. Some people do this because, in another one of my friends case, her mother used the money for thing other than her child so court ordered it be put up till erica was of age.

    Your mother has the right to go after him for the arrears. Only her. She is free to give you the money when it is collected, but it is still her money, and her that has to pursue the case.

    Get on with your life and forget it. Realistically how in the hell do you think you will ever get any money out of this if he knows the game that well. You can throw good money after bad but you will never see that money.

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  • Casey Jacobs
    Casey Jacobs
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  • Ferne Ankunding
    Ferne Ankunding