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    My boyfriend and child's father, who lives with us, used her to qualify for the EIC tax refund. He owes a lot of child support, from when we were seperated ( I haven't found the right forms to submit to court yet to terminate the order, they just keep telling me I have the wrong ones). Even though he got the refund using our daughter, can they still take the refund? And how much will they keep, before it eventually gets sent back to us?

    Yes,if the state has asked for a refund offset. It will deduct what the state says he has not paid. If there is a court order for support it's still mounting up every week. If you keep getting the wrong forms, go to the courthouse where family court is and ask for help. You can probably file the paper right there and then.

    "He got on drugs real bad and pretty much sold everything he had to support his habit." If you suspect drug use/being drug affected while he's looking after you son, ask CPS for a mandatory drug test. That may help with any Visitation issues. They won't allow unsupervised visitation if that proves to be the case. "I don't trust him alone with our son, so therefore I don't let him see him." But he lives with his parents. Are they capable/willing to supervise the visitation? Or are they into the same sort of life style? Would you trust them? As to the non-support there's little you can do if he's not working, but be aware that the non-payment amount keeps accruing (if you let the relevant authorities KNOW its not being paid), and interest is added, and should he (ever) return to work, you can have it deducted until the balance is paid. "His name has also been brought up in two robberies." The fact that he is suspected isn't enough to deny him his rights. If he is arrested and/or charged that's a different story. Moral - go through the RIGHT CHANNELS and be seen to be doing the right things, always and only Kapaa THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD.

    For this to be happening you must have filed a complaint or accepted government support for this child which appears from your question to be the natural child of both of you. What ever it was that you did that got this ball rolling you will need to take some action to stop it or it may go on forever. If there is a standing offset for child support the IRS will take what ever amount that is necessary to cover the offset. If the money is being collected to recover government support you received you will not get that back as he still owes it.

    If you are married and filed MFJ, there could be a 6 month delay. If you are not married, then it's probably 2 months.

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    Germaine Beer
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