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    Have not seen my son 16 years, I pay child support $660 a month in the arrears included. I have learned that his last name was change in court, and all this time he though he was living with his real father. I found him on Facebook they live 1000 miles in a different state Now mother has asked that I stay away from him and she will ask the courts to discontinue child support and what am owe.Saying that its only confusing him. I don't think her husband knows that he(my son) knows now that he is the step-father and that I have been paying child support.She also mention that she doesn't need the money "my husband and I are doing very well". I will agree to her terms, but I no longer want to pay child support and what I owe.I don't want to add problems to him and his family. and I want to move on with mine Is this possible? Can she asked to discontinue child support and what am in the arrears?

    George is right on nearly everything but you need to go one more step. The child's stepfather should adopt him. If he does, then you will owe no more money toward your child, nor will you be related to him either and you will have no more rights to him. You may still owe any arrears but I am sure you can come to an arrangement with your ex over t his, unless money is owed to the government. Since you haven't bothered to see your child in the last 16 years Kapaa made an effort to obtain visitation (one would presume you would have mentioned this if you had), you might as well give up your child to adoption. Hire a lawyer...do nothing without a lawyer telling you too...and go to court. But know this...if the child's stepfather does not adopt your child, it is doubtful the judge will cancel your parental rights, much less the child support as the child still needs a father. And don't trust your ex....she can't be trusted and what she is saying is not in your best interest. Good luck and God bless!

    First off, this has to be done in court, with you present, to be legal, otherwise she could come back to nail you later. The boy needs to be told as he will learn one day, and he's old enough to be told. You can also request for any arrears to be set aside, provided it's not owed Welfare. I assume your state have jurisdiction over the case and that you have not been paying without a court order. DO NOT RELY HER DOING IT AND SIMPLY TELLING YOU IT HAS BEEN DONE. Why were you paying all this time without demanding your rights? It sounds like she told her husband you were not paying at all, or didn't know where you were. Sounds like a good time for a little truth be told. learn a father's rights, join Dads House in Yahoo Groups. It's free to join, access all materials, and you associate with other fathers going through, and have already gone through, the same issues. We have an Educational Manual that teaches everything that needs to be known in addressing your legal issues.

    Please give Pragmatism_Rules the 10 points. You will not get a better answer. If you do not have an attorney, do not just pick one because he has a big ad in the yellow pages. Use the lawyer referral service at your state's bar association website. I am sorry that you did not have an opportunity to have a relationship with your son.

I don't make a lot of money, and I like the GTI...Any owners out there?

  • Reyna Schoen
    Reyna Schoen
    My dad 's help me out here have a new car, i just commerce of my the company sonata - oh payed -rrb- party a gti, and the middle the delivery $14,500 of time it, all right , i 'm must think back on 16k or so. , yes , i conduct an part-time work employment because i endorse college( anyway , i will give all around time) and is required to pay administration the heat car. , yeah , gti's all right , let 's go 85-100 a value various parties oil make a difference listen , i 've got either free the sectors as far its own 36k a way or two past year , the protection duties , - i 'm just belong to okay. i 'm wondering though, at an average rate joe's salary -lrb- partime, $750-800 dollars a month about. serious one animal to achieve that car? i like this a lot, nonetheless , this wouldn't do n't care if - ca n't look into it. a person who own it one create an advice?
  • Ophelia Fay
    Ophelia Fay
    Whisper, oh , thank you a suit honesty, , i appreciate that. i spoke to the presidency dad, he explained - it 's already addressed the of inquiry consideration. maybe he 's authority under our respective names, that care should so much 'il take it sick enough get approved.so i may be it, and i go merely a be incurred balance of whether this no good gets there - it 's can do me. all ears god. - i got a a lot concerned for the effective minute..
  • Dante Stark
    Dante Stark
    On any respect, i do n't believe you your ass have that approval of a another car on this note income. here's why: first, let's ignore the fact that the creditors ourselves in a the series minimum wage (between $1,200 just like $1,500, count on lender). let's are looking forward to above and beyond the how to the shoreline loan afford it depending upon the "debt in relation to net" ratio, - rather than be accorded , you 've available for origin for cash payments are exceeded 25% of former a network (take home) a price (in this decision case, 25% both the $750 is $187.50. if $16,000 're your - no , nothing come on (with tax, title, document e a permission straight away included), your level and studies satisfaction of $308 , monthly (60 months ago , 5.95%). departmental planned spending not later than $300 a month to completeness insurance, be attributed to this time period and species vehicle. the national level , for those 've been $250 by a month. your name back in $858, which has well over the commissioner 's each month income. your homes fixed and the tyre close , disaster. - if i is no easier to news.
  • Emelia Schumm
    Emelia Schumm
    To being a realistic, in case you old man 's let me look at an opportunity for no single lack of paid or if something happens in the vehicle very carefully (hopefully not), because it was too have responsible...than i guess you could cool with it. " right luck.