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    Invariably, when a mother claims to be owed arrears, or a father asking about the arrears he owes, the answers frequently center around derogatory comments about deadbeat dads and not supporting their kids. How many do you think actually refuse to pay as opposed to being in arrears due to a job layoff or injury? Child Support Enforcement does not advertise that they provide free legal representation to either parent (payor or payee), upon request, for an increase or decrease in support.

    40 percent due to vindictiveness whether it is male or female... maybe even more. then again, there is probably a lot of custodial parents who say they get nothing when they really do just to get people to see them as victims. Experience on both sides tell me this truly happens.

    There are actually many statistical facts on record concerning this issue. Many would be shocked to know that over 70% of men who owe arrearages do so because of the systems refusal to allow for circumstances; lay offs, injuries, illnesses, and other genuine reasons. There are actually very few men or women who refuse to pay simply because they are 'deadbeats'. The whole child support system isn't even about the well-being of the children, it's about perpetuating the system. If it was truly about what is morally correct, then it would be as equal a split as possible so the any burdens are equally shared amongst the parents and the child has an equal amount of care from both parents as possible.

    I don't know the percentage but it's probably lower than most think. Due to the economy my son lost his well paying job just a few months after his divorce. Child support was based on the amount he was making while he was employed. He was able to collect unemployment and went back to court to have the support modified. It was but the papers were not filed. She took the old court order to the d.a. My son is now working part time and his wages are being garnished because of the arrears accrued after the change in orders. She is getting more money than he gets and he has never missed a child support payment. Sorry for the rant but this touched a nerve.

    Define refused: arrears can be set when the custodial parent seeks child support, so from the get go the ncp is behind,some have a chance to change it ,others dont.. i was told by the judge the payments were based on a 10$ per hour job when the job i had at the time was only 6$ per hour,he looked at me and said"you need to get another job!"..it took a year to get a new job that paid more and all the while trying to stay out of the red ..it took years before i was able see any left over from my paycheck,i lost my state electrical contracting liscence,no money for cont. ed,living with family and friends till i made enough to get my own place just to be able for my kids to come and spend the night with me....yes its hard,but i made it through it,now my girls live with me,they are happier i think to be here then with their mother---if you are able to pay and just dont want to? then i cant offer any help --then thats what i'd call "deadbeat"

    So this friend I have has a 13 year old son from an old boyfriend, and is now married to a Soldier. Her ex boyfriend has seen their son exactly three times since they broke up, and keep in mind the kid is 13. He has never acknowledged a birthday or Christmas, baseball practice, school grades--nothing. As per his decision, he does not see his child. The times he has seen his son were because my friend guilted him into it. He has also, incidentally, never paid a dime in child support. He owes his son probably $30k by now in back support, but he works under the table so they can't garnish his wages. He will not relinquish custody of his son. She has sent him the papers several times and he refuses to sign. Now, here is the kicker: My friend's husband got stationed overseas in Germany. Since her son is under the age of 14, his biological father has to sign for the passport. Yeah, you have got it: he won't sign. So she, her son, and her two other kids from her marriage all have to stay in the US while her husband goes to Germany. Her son's dad doesn't want anything from her. He doesn't want his son, he doesn't want her to sign anything to wipe away his arrears, and he doesn't want to sign away his rights. He just wnats to do nothing. I get it that Dads don't get a fair shake, because many MANY don't. However, you need to keep your eyes wide open and know that some of the men you seemingly blindly support are in fact deadbeat dads. They are out there, and they just don't care about their kids.

    I'm not sure of others, but I have been laid off since November 2008 to present due to economy & construction. I have been paying just over $1200 per month of ordered payments out of my unemployment compensation for which I have not been able to pay any of my own bills and I cant get a loan due to now bad credit and credit score etc. I have to represent myself Pro-Se in court due to not affording a lawyer!!! There is no relief in sight. :( :( :(

    I have 3 answers: (1) For the father disenfranchised by force who was providing decently to begin with, who resents government intrusion, and who sees responsibility belonging to the intruders, 50% are voluntarily out of compliance with original orders. (2) For the father who feels at least partly responsible for relationship breakdown, 10% are out of compliance. (3) For the marginal income guy who just cant make ends meet for his personal survival, 80% are out of compliance. I have read Sanford Braver, Dan Amneus, Steve Baskerville and served on the first Kapaa Governor's Commission on child support where the ladies were teaching that some "women" cant make it on child support and who thought it was Kapaa for the disenfranchised dad to live in his parent's house.

    In MANY cases, the arrearages are imposed under fraud by the State Attorney General's Office of Child Support Enforcement because they are either too blind or just too stupid to do their homework before destroying a Father, his relationship with his child/ren and his resources. SEE: Whereas in my caed, I am STILL MARRIED to the mother... NO DIVORCE or SEPARATION of any kind on file in ANY court. THIS is ALL under color of law and involving the Department of Human Health Services of Texas and Oklahoma as well as over 12 Assistant State Attorney Generals.

    11 Percent

    If this information isn't published, then what would our guesses mean to you anyway? why are our thoughts relevant? this isn't even a question, it's just a rant about the state of the system. I personally believe that a majority of those cases are due to deadbeats. but I don't know for sure, and neither do you. nobody does since it's not information available on record. who cares?

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