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    Just 2 yrs ago Alaska changed the age for children,my son will be 21 in May next yr,the other 2 (3 all together) are already in their early 20's,had my ex not taken me to family Court 2 yrs ago I would only have paid until they were 18 but he made sure to get all the $ he could,I just want to know if my arrear payments will rise or will be the same as the child support payment,I tried to fight it but because my case is unique the judge didn't care,my kids are 1/2 Alaska Native Indian and they get everything free from medical,dental and vision and yet my ex tried to get me to pay that as well but that battle I won,tis the same with all tribes,even in the lower 48,in fact I lost rights to my children when I filed for divorce and had thougth I would get custody but I was unaware of a federal law (Indian Child Welfare Act) that would take my kids from me,and today my kids want nothing to do with me,only my money!

    Generally, the payment will remain the same until the arrears and interest is paid, and the interest rate is 9% compounded annually. You should have file a modification when you got sick.

    You must have agreed to pay child support until your child turned 21, because 18 is the normal age. If your divorce degree does not state that, then you have been paying on your arrears amount. You have the right to know what the Child Support Agency shows as the remaining amount of child support you owe. So, go down to that agency and ask to see your record.

    If you paid in cash, does the daycare facility have a record of the payments? I would say you seriously need an attorney to help you with this. If the daycare remembers YOU paying (altho, not sure if you gave your ex the cash and she paid), I'm thinking affadavits! Man, I wish I got that much from my ex! It's not about you not wanting to pay, it's about fair treatment (and yes, I'm an ex wife!). I would definitely look into firms or organizations that look out for the rights of fathers.... probably less $$ than an attorney, too! Good luck!

    In Kapaa it stops ones your 18 you sshould send your 21 year old to work

    It stops at 18 bro.. she should have a part time job or something, going to college.

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