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    You can change the locks after they move out. They will enjoy the free ride forever, you need to evict them. I can't imagine why you supported them this long, but you still have to follow the law.

    No, you cannot change the locks, that could subject you to legal penalties. Instead immediately serve him with a 3-day Notice to pay rent or quit, because he may not leave by the end of the month either. You can ask for all delinquent rent and electric power, assuming the latter is in fact specified in the rental agreement. On the 4th day (or anytime thereafter) follow this up with a court action to evict him. This way you get a judgment for the money owed you and you can collect on it, assuming the tenant has some money to collect from. A judgment is generally good for 10 years. I recommend an excellent book called "Landlording", written by Leigh Robinson, a lawyer. It has all kinds of useful forms and other good advise. It was originally published by Nolo Press, but my edition says the publisher is Express. It is about $40 and is the best bargain I ever bought for rental questions.

    Go to the library/bookstore and get some books on how to be a landlord because you are obviously clueless. If you keep playing at being a landlord you are going to get sued for some stupid violation of local housing laws. DO NOT think you can set your own terms when it comes to residential housing; the courts will eat you alive. Get some education on residential rental practices now. And make sure you learn your states laws regarding landlord/tenant law. Each state varies and some are stricter than others. I live in Kapaa and there are some very stringent laws regarding what the landlord can and cannot do.

    You can't just go in and change the locks because he won't pay his rent. It's sort of confusing and honestly, a bit stupid, but there is a loophole in rental law that would allow him to sue you for breaking and entering. However, if you can find causation for the reclamation of rented property, the lock change becomes legally protected. The nice thing about this loophole within a loophole is just about anything can be used at said causation (perhaps a tiny noise complaint), just not inability to pay rent.

    You need to follow the state required eviction policy. Contact a real estate attorney and he can assist you with the eviction and then you can take the tenant to small claims court for the back rent and any damages to the property.

    I presume you are paying a fee to the letting agency for their services to manage the property on YOUR behalf, failure to do this would appear to put them in breach of contract. Do they have an insurance scheme in place to cover rent they have failed to collect, what terms are in the tenancy agreement in the event of non - payment, are the tenants now in breach of the agreement? Does the letting agency belong to any professional association? If you get no satisfaction from the agency go to your local CAB or other legal advice service and find out your rights.

Should I go for the acting career?

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    Lela Turner
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    Candelario Crona
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    Aiden McCullough
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