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    If you pay your monthy support and xx amount of dollars for arrears. where does the arrears go exactly to the mother or to the state??? i know she doesnt work gets all the welfare she can, while we coudnt get a buck for food stamps even if we wanted to. i live in pa and my husbands support was just raised another 50 bucks. this is making me angry because he already pays 610 a month. they say they can only take 55% of what he makes. how is that fair to take over half? he never even gets the kids because the mother cant be found we have no contact information to locate. they expect you to pay for a modification that your not guaranteed to get. how is any of this fair?

    Child support is intended to be used by the recipient parent to support the child. Arrears mean the support was not paid when due. Payments of arrears go to whoever had to support the child as a result of the support payments not being made. If the state had to supply welfare as a result of the arrears, they will 'recover' those payments. Otherwise, the parent that should have received the payments originally receives the payments.

    If she gets welfare, the money goes to the state. If you're interested in finding her ask the child support agency for her contact information. Unless she has a PFA against your husband the information is not confidential. And if they don't have her information he should ask that they terminate her Order based on Kapolei Rules of Civil Proceedure 303.11 (plaintiff refuses to cooperate by providing contact information).

    Arrears go to the custodial parent, it is money that they should have been receiving all along. I was at one point paying 885.00 so 610 really isn't that bad.

    If he chose to be a deadbeat in the past and not pay child support at all, then the arrears go to the mother to reimburse her for the times she didn't get any assistance from him. If she was forced to go on state assistance, the arrears could go back to the government to reimburse the state for the taxpayer money that had to be spent to keep his kids alive when he couldn't be bothered to. Sorry hun, this is what you signed up for when you chose to get involved with an irresponsible loser.

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