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    My husband pays 365 a month in child support. Now that his tax return got sent to his ex, he has now paid off all of his arrears. the 365 is $215 a month for support, $100 in arrears, and $50 a month for medical. Now that his arrears are paid off we need to know if that $100 will stop automatically or if we need to do somethin about it. This is through the Office of the Attorney General in Kapolei btw.

    Get it stopped now by AG office because they won't give you any credit and what you pay extra will not go back to you.

    Call Child Support Enforcement in Kapolei for a more informed answer. # Automated payment and case information: (800) 252-8014 # If you are deaf or hard of hearing, please call our Deaf Outreach Program at 1-800-572-2686 (TDD/TTY), or (512) 460-6417 (TDD/TTY). # By e-mail: child.support@oag.state.tx.us # By postal mail: Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division P.O. Box 12017 Austin, Kapolei 78711-2017

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