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    How much does your ex pay you for 2 children per month? How much does he or she pay for arrears per month? who pays for the insurance and is it included in the child support? My ex was supposed to be paying 627 and they lowered it to 380 and i carry the insurance. He keeps switching jobs and lied about what he is able to make and the judge listened to him ugh i have 2 kids to.

    My ex is ordered to pay $1100 for our two kids a month plus 200 in arrears for a total of 1300 plus he was ordered to hold insurance (but only because my job didn't offer it). He made about 60,000 when the judge ordered it. That was 4 years ago and so far he's paid a total of $63. So what is ordered and what you get are sometimes two different things.

    My husband pays $600/mo. for 2 + holds ins. He makes 43k. It doesn't leave us with enough to maintain an apartment unless I make a substantial contribution (he lived with roommates before I cam along...that doesn't seem right), but the kids absolutely need it. The way their mother handles it, they are quite deprived. I've never seen them in clothing that is new, she doesn't take them to the dr. when they're ill unless my husband finds out about it and demands that they be taken. She hasn't gotten them haircuts in the year and a half I've been on the scene. They look unkempt all the time. When they are here they say things that make us worry if they get adequate food. It's a tragedy to see the money go with so little to show for it. She has a husband who won't work Kapolei attempt to get disability, she works delivering pizza, and the child support seems to do a lot to provide all of them with a roof over their heads instead of just the kids. It's galling to watch.

    My ex pays 528 a month and covers my sons insurance plus co pays. he made 47, 200 last year.

    My ex paid $0 and I had to support myself and my son. Mind you Im not from the US.

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  • Orland Hudson
    Orland Hudson
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  • Alta Hessel
    Alta Hessel
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  • Gunner Stiedemann
    Gunner Stiedemann
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  • Kristy Kreiger
    Kristy Kreiger
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    Alden Halvorson
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