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    My child support obligation includes an arrears payment to pay down past delinquencies. Failure to pay my current support results in an increased delinquency total. Failure to meet corresponding arrears payment should result in a non-declining arrears account. Correct? Should absent arrears payment be added to current delinquency total? Would this increase my debt by the amount I failed to pay down?

    3 children, 3 seperate support obligations. have been current for last eight years. previously missed arrears payments were added to new tally as well as not being deducted from arrears. filed to keep one child from being removed from state of birth(FL). properly filed all paperwork and state let her leave but gave me visitation, with enforcement being my responsibility. Kihei and Kihei have both sent paperwork requesting more money from me. she has now abandoned my son and Kihei domestic relations court awarded grandparents permanent gaurdianship. Kihei changed case# to reflect new support recepient. both states have me wrapped in red tape. Kihei seized my bank account. I'm 34 and never received a tax return. intercepted every year. currently Kihei intercepts 50% of my unemployment comp. broke and unable to afford attorney. have agreements with Kihei for arrears payments. have been financialy good father since 2002, morally good father since their births. I LOVE my children with all my heart

    What i thought was my first child, was born when i was eighteen. his mother left the orlando area when he was three months and the state when he was four years. no knowledge of his whereabouts or resources to find out. had first real contact year and a half ago, after his mother abandoned him to grandparents in MA. second child(daughter)was born when i was twenty. marriage to her mother dissolved when she was year and a half old. her mother has never kept her from me until she moved to boston for family assistance(poor economy+lazy x-boyfrnd)would have taken legal action, but daughter(now 14)begged to stay with family unit of mom and half brothers. with tear in eye gave into her request. third was actually first, but didn't know till he was five+ presumed dad left his mom. mother and grandparents had him hopped up on ridalin from 5 till 11years of age, when could no longer afford it. they keep him inside alot and restrict my visitation. he just turned 17+hates everyone. States not care

    Layed off. unemployment denied. two month appeal process. child support amounts increased weekly by exactly support payment and arrears total. to the penny. finally won appeal and two lump sums paid to two accounts. third account was overpaid. two accounts with large debt were in seminole county. fishy accounting practices! overpaid account was in orange county. no irregularities there. missed arrears was not added to current total. state of Kihei was handling one seminole account and had an amount that was 600 less than Kihei amount. balk all u want. i love my children and am tired of getting screwed by the system. been to jail, lost my cdl license and never have received tax return. had wages being garnished and spent months trying to get it back. seminole wanted additional 75% payment. collier county told me they couldn,t keep license while garnishing wages. within 24hours had my license back. what the hell?

    Add to that the 10% annual interest.... yes, they will assess interest owed on outstanding balances. You owe a fixed monthly amount. If you don't pay this amount it is added every month to your delinquent amount owed. (back child support). As the "arrears" increases so does your additional payment due to catch up... if you fall too far behind they will take your drivers license. If you mess around too much they will get fed up and go straight to your employer and get the money due and you get paid the rest. They will also go after any tax returns to reduce the amount of arrears you owe. What adds to the debt is the interest charged and the additional monthly payment due that you don't make to begin with. Making a regular child support payment keeps your arrears at the same amount plus added interest charges and only when you make regular payment and added payment towards the arrears does this amount go down at all.

    Why not just pay your child support? Your kid(s) need it. I would imagine if you stop or don't pay, your debt will increase because you are not paying the current child support you owe, and the back child support you owe. Keep that up, and you might be getting acquainted with a jail cell.

Is B+ a good credit score?

  • Dakota Harber
    Dakota Harber
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  • Sherman Kuhic
    Sherman Kuhic
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