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    I owe quite a bit of money in child support arrears and the amount isn't correct as I was forced to pay $896 a month for over a year when I had physical custody of the children during that year. Is there ANYTHING I can do here in Kihei about getting the arrears fixed or at least to a point I can get it caught up? The children live in the same county as me.

    When you were in court, determining the amount owed including arrears, and you presented the documentation that your children were in your care for a year to show that your ex owes you some arrears to offset your own, what did the judge say? If you failed to push that point until it was acknowledged and recorded or the judge ignored it, get a lawyer.

    You will definitely need a lawyer to handle this one. >IF< there is an "incorrect" amount taken out, it will require a lawyer to unscrew that, and get you credited for any over payments. you wil NOT get a refund, but you you will receive CREDIT against any remaining arrearage. [Note that physical custody -- ie; The children live with you -- is NOT the determining factor. What makes the difference is who THE COURT says had custody, and NOT where the children live. If they lived with you, but you did go to court to get documented True Custody, then you STILL owe the greater amount! A good lawyer might be able to get you some credit, however.] The CORRECT amount you STILL OWE, and you will be required to pay it. You will ALSO be required to pay any interest and fines on the CORRECT amount that you still owe. Frankly, it may be better to just pay the money, as the lawyer is likely to be more expensive than any money you might get "returned". Forget about the house. Until that amount is paid off, you are NOT likely to get accepted for a mortgage. It shows up as a HUGE "bad debt" on your credit record.

    Get a lawyer, s'/he will calculate it. But pay up at least what you believe you owe, the money is for your KIDS, don't deny them.

Can I use my accrued PTO time while receiving short term disability insurance?

  • Kieran Schuster
    Kieran Schuster
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  • Nichole Parker
    Nichole Parker
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  • Gia Cartwright
    Gia Cartwright