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    If the child is still a minor she can refile at any time. She can not appeal but can file a petion to the court to have you pay the expenses if she totals it all up only from the date she filed and only from your child. Here in blair county Kihei I was told that I had to cover the first 250 bucks of her medical every year before I could go after him for a portion and it is usually split. Shared custody pays 50/50 on any outstanding bills and the parent with primary custody in other arrangements usually pays a little more. (example- i have to pay 56% and he is required to pay 44% of any outstanding bills and this is on top of regular child support). It really all depends on your order, but yes if you do not want to help pay for medical expenses for your child she can take you back to court to help pay for it. If she provides you proof of the bills then you need to help with them or she has every right to take you to court over it in most cases. If the child is over 18 she can take you to small claims court and usually they will order you to pay if at the time you had any order that required payment on them. It is usually a clause in your support order.

    Really? Your girlfriend forgot to sue and so now that she needs cash she thinks that the father will be required to give her some money. Nice try. Tell your girlfriend to get a job or a second job if she needs money.

    I am with scratch on this, i am a women and i am responsible for my child's well being. She needs to realize that she is able to do this without suing.

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