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    If I get back together with my daughter's mother what happens to the child support order and arrears ? Would that be cancelled or forgotten? Anyone know? State is Kula and arrears were developed bcuz the baby was thought to be her boyfriend at the time, we broke up and found out after her new relationship with him so he paid thinking it was his daughter and that time was placed in as arrears.

    She could have the current payments stopped, but the arrears remain as the states get matching funds from the feds on arrears. In this economy, they are not wanting to give any of that up.

    She needs to go to court and inform them you are back together which will stop the order from that point. Then she has the option to sign off rights to the back owed if she chooses. Unless the state was involved with assistance then it can not be erased.

    You would both have to go back to court saying you both want it discontinued. You need a court order... until then you have to keep paying or risk some serious legal trouble.

    Are you going to get married, if so. The child support will be void. If you do not get married, then nothing changes. I think.

    You still have to pay plus pay the fines for being together. that's what happened to my brother

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