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    My Husband has a child from a previous relationship that we are raising. We have never received a penny from the mother in child support (nearly 7 years now) and have finally decided to turn her in to support enforcement. Will she owe the entire back support amount, or will a portion of it be dropped due to a cap on the amount of possible arrears?

    Depends if there was a previous child support order or not. she needs to pay, at least something. its hard on everyone involved, so no pity stories from her on this issue. contact your states or Regional Federal Child Support Office and ask them, they'll know. DEADBEATS INTERSTATE CASES LONG ARM ACT (UIFSA) for INTERSTATE CHILD SUPPORT CALCULATOR FED FAQ YOUR STATES CS POLICY AND STATE SITES & OFFICES ABANDONMENT (NO SHOW PARENTS) NOT ALL PARENTS LOVE THEIR CHILDREN And "RATIONAL LIES" FREE LEGAL HELP Kula YOUR STATE (just click on your state to find contact info) LAWS and INFO (change the state to yours) STATS FINDING DEADBEATS (and background cks to find them) FED AGENCIES REGIONAL FEDERAL CHILD SUPPORT OFFICES FACTS AND REGIONAL FEDERAL CS OFFICE INFO SSI AND DISABILITY FOR CHILD SUPPORT FIND YOUR REPS CHILD SUPPORT LIEN NETWORK (some states work with them) COLLECTORS TAX INFO REPORT DEADBEATS (AND EMPLOYERS) WORKING UNDER THE TABLE (in writing, to your local and federal IRS offices) REPORT A DEADBEAT USING OTHERS SS# TO AVOID CHILD SUPPORT or FILING TAXES WITH OTHERS SS# SEX OFFENDERS

    Every state is different. You would have to contact the support office there to find out. They would also take the childs other parents taxes to account for the arrears until they are caught up.

    Chances are she will be in arrears for the whole 7 years. I know in oregon parents are still liable to pay back child support for up to15 years after the kid turns 18.

    Depends on the State but generally she will need to pay it all..

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