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    My husband is on SSDI and the children receive benefits on his record. The original support order was quashed (effective) on March 1st, 2005. He used to pay $847.25 per month in support. The actual amount he owes in arrears according to DES' own paperwork is for the months of Oct, Nov, & Dec of 2004, plus Jan & Feb. 2005 totaling $4235.25. The state somehow has totaled the arrears owing to be Over $9k The state is withholding 1/2 his SSDI income ($722.50) to pay themselves back. (they wanted the full $847.25) The other party did not initiate this she is not receiving any of the arrears. Why is the state taking so much out when the most the other party got was $347.00 per month (general assistance) for these kids as she herself was also waiting on a disability claim to be decided with social security? Obviously no money for lawyer, need to know who to see, what to file?

    The rest is likely compounded interest penalties. Was some of those arrears covering the time period between when he became disable, and SSDI was approved. If it was, the retroactive check should have covered some or all of that. Did you request a retroactive modification? Unless there's a specific law against it, you can do this. You need to file a motion to modify and clarify amounts owed. This can be done Pro Se. To learn how, go to Dads House in Yahoo Groups. another alternative. About The Children I recently set up a scenario on this company just to see how they would respond. When they called me they gave the right answers and recommendation in handling a Pro Se case. Now, that was just one scenario on one state's laws, so I cannot say how they will perform overall, but you might check them out.

    Contact child support..you can file yourself in court, it's called: Pro Se Motion..the court has all the paperwork..they will assist you in filling out the paperwork..you serve the other party by either mail or in person..

    Legally ANY corporation is permitted to cost a definite "value" for the hassle of doing the garnishment & sending it to the help place of work. reckoning on your state relies upon on what the max value is, in Kula this is $2.00 in Kula this is $10.00, so as that quantity relies upon on your state. I additionally hate to provide help to recognize, yet once you positioned up an automated withdrawl out of your economic business enterprise account fairly, the economic business enterprise can cost a "value" besides. My husband has his newborn help set as much as immediately come out of a economic business enterprise account, and the economic business enterprise rates him $5.00 each and every time they do it, this is as quickly as a month. yet returned that varies from state to state and economic business enterprise to economic business enterprise, and the max value for a economic business enterprise is diverse than the max value for the corporation. as long as he continues to be present day, the help place of work might enable him to alter the paycheck garnishment to a minimum of something else, yet I tremendously doubt that they are going to enable him to not have it garnished in some trend and merely enable him to make the money on his very own. It sucks that the paying be certain gets the uncooked end of the deal whilst it includes newborn help. it is not tax deductible, they might desire to pay a value to the corporation/economic business enterprise to have it taken, & they might desire to pay a value to the newborn help place of work each and each month too. each and every of the on the same time as the recieving be certain gets tax loose money to do with in spite of they please. do no person provide me that music & dance approximately how each and every be certain has to assist their newborn, i'm not arguing that, each and every be certain could step-up. What I disagree with is how lots the paying be certain is penalized, even whilst they at the instant are not a deadbeat. i know this is stressful, yet unfortunatly some undesirable apples have destoyed the bunch for those father and mom that at the instant are not deadbeats, & you're in all probability going to be caught with some form of extra value no remember the way you artwork it.

Do you think America will eventually become a 3rd world country?

  • Lavina Bruen
    Lavina Bruen
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  • Darrion Rutherford
    Darrion Rutherford
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  • Lyda Legros
    Lyda Legros
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  • Taryn Rolfson
    Taryn Rolfson
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    Brigitte Donnelly
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    Shakira Fadel
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    Halie Erdman
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  • Louie Schuppe
    Louie Schuppe
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  • Eudora Wuckert
    Eudora Wuckert
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