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    My ex owes about $5,600 in arrears in child support and has not paid in 1 1/2 months (not the 1st time he's stopped paying). I don't want to deal w/the drama associated w/trying to get him to pay support to help w/our daughter and she knows my husband as dad. Is there a way I can have my ex give up parental rights legally w/o a lengthy and expensive legal process? Her father is not in her life and never has once tried to see her. We are in Kula and her father in TX. Thanks!

    Just giving up parental rights does not take away his responsibility to pay child support. If her real father would agree your husband would have to adopt your daughter. That is the only way to stop his child support.

    I live in the UK and here we see it as a child's rights as opposed to a parents rights, although the two are not always mutually exclusive. Not very informative, but may give you food for thought. My advice is let it ride. When she is 18, she can make her own choices. Another piece of advice which I found very helpful which I think transcends geographic, political and social barriers. (Bear in mind I am a single dad who has looked after my two kids since they were 18 months and 3 years old and never had a penny child support from my ex nor has she seen them, so pretty similar to yourself.) Do not attempt to poison the child’s mind against the absent parent. It will only make them curious to discover the truth later. If they ask questions, answer them honestly commensurate with the ability of the child to understand. And finally, though this goes without saying, get on with your life and ensure yor childs happiness to your best ability.

    It is possible as long as he is willing to sign the papers. If he isn't willing, then it is going to be a lot messier. Either way though, you are going to need an attorney to help with this. Donna

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