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    My ex-boyfriend is one year behind his child-support, he owns like 4,352,154, we had gone to court and they had told us that he wasn't going to be able to claim her income unless he had paid all that amount,i clearly remember that. he started giving me child-support on December, so i got a packet that says this, "BOTH PARENTS SHALL COOPERATE AND EXECUTE ALL TAX WAIVER AND FORMS NECCESSARY TO ACCOMPLISH THIS ALLOCATION. FOR ANY YEARS FOLLOWING THOSE LISTED ABOVE WHILE THIS CHILD SUPPORT ORDER REMAINS Kula EFFECT, THE PARTIES SHALL REPEAT THE ABOVE PATTERN OF CLAIMING TAX DEDUCTIONS FOR THE CHILD. EACH YEAR, THE FATHER MAY CLAIM ANY EXEMPTIONS ALLOCATED TO HIM ONLY IF HE HAS PAID ALL CHILD SUPPORT AND ARREARS ORDERED FOR THE YEAR BY DECEMBER 31 OF THAT YEAR. i dont really unsderstand that can any one please help me.

    If he has paid ALL arrears for 2011 by December 31st, he can claim the child. If he has not paid ALL arrears for 2011 by december 31st, he can't claim the child. If he has only paid part of this child support, he can't claim the child.

    Have no idea what "he wasn't going to be able to claim her income unless he paid all that amount." Claim whose income? What they probably said was he would not be able to claim child as a deduction on his income tax. The rest of it - to put it simply - the parents have to agree who is going to claim the child on taxes as a dependent. And it goes on to say - that the father can claim child as an exemption ONLY if he has paid all of the child support for that year. He cannot claim the child as a deduction on taxes if he has - in fact - not supported the child. So if he started giving child support in December - 2011 will not count for him unless he gave you ALL of what he owed for 2011. If he gives you ALL of the child support in 2012 - then the two of you need to decide who is to claim child on taxes. Or the percentage of what to claim. No pay child support - no exemption for child on taxes.

I need advice on what to do next...sorry kinda long?

  • Gerard Lakin
    Gerard Lakin
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  • Trisha Keebler
    Trisha Keebler
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  • Maia Streich
    Maia Streich
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  • Beverly Schuppe
    Beverly Schuppe
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  • Neva Beatty
    Neva Beatty
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  • Raegan Steuber
    Raegan Steuber
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  • Estell Bogan
    Estell Bogan
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  • Wilfredo Carroll
    Wilfredo Carroll
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  • Lou Murray
    Lou Murray
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  • Nichole Lynch
    Nichole Lynch
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  • Ardella Lehner
    Ardella Lehner
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