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    Could you give me some ideas please? I am going to be a freshman in high school, if that wasn't obvious. It is a private school. I consider myself fashionable, but I don't really know what other people wear on a day-to-day basis (I went to a school with uniforms before): ~I don't really like wearing jeans unless they are dark and dressier ~My style is "preppy classic" ~I like sweaters, dark wash jeans, skirts, and dresses ~I wear pearls with everything ~I shop at Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman's, The Mercantile, J. Crew, and occasionally at Abercrombie & Fitch ~I love polos and plaids ~I can't wear skirts/shorts too short ~I don't really like t-shirts with logos on them (A&F, etc.) ~I love sweaters... I like J. Crew ones a lot, but it gets a bit old. ~I H-A-T-E HATE HATE HATE HATE Wet Seat, Forever 21, and stores like that, so please don't list those. ~I am also not too trendy. I like classics ~I have big boobs, a small waist, and athletic legs. Thank you so so much in advance!

    Thanks for the answers so far. simslover: I love shopping online (it's a slight obsession) and I am totally into retail therapy, and I love love love =] You should check out It's amazing. Also, have you heard of It's invitation only, but it's so cool; they host two day online boutiques of great designer stuff. Some of the stuff is like $1,000 off! I got this fabulous pair of Nicole Miller heels for only $100. Thanks again!

    Wow you sound EXACTLY like me! Except that I've just graduated.... great taste, btw. If you're bored of the stores you already shop at, I recommend online shopping. You could definitely move into some contemporary designer stuff. Try and AND, they have great return policies, so don't worry about that. Some designers to check out- Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dallin Chase, Miss Davenporte, Foley + Corinna, Catherine Malandrino, Diane von Furstenburg (DVF). If you're not into spending that kind of cash, check the sales regularly (especially shopbop), but if you're already into Neiman's and Saks, that shouldn't be a problem : ). Also, see if there is a Madewell store in your area- it's a little offshoot of J.Crew with younger-style clothes that are great basics. Good luck!!!

    I'd pick the second or third one. The second one I have a bit of a problem with, because you're not wearing anything over the tights, ya know? And if there's guys in your really don't want that kind of attention. Wear a bubble skirt (is it okay if you're wearing it over the tights?) over them, or a pair of really ripped-up dark wash jeans over them so the hot pink peeks out. Ripped trousers work, too. The third one is perfect, but accessorize it a bit more. Wear a cardigan or a bolero over the polo, etc. here's a link to my polyvore (i don't usually put backgrounds): good luck...

    If you had to choose from the four you listed, I would choose the second. For my freshman orientation, we also got our year book and Mililani Town pictures taken. If you do too, I would chose to wear something that doesn't just have highlights below the shoulders. I would wear something that goes with the background color you're choosing for the pictures, and for the shirt something that isn't too low. For us, we were made to bend a bit going down, so too low wouldnt be a good idea. When you wear stuff, the most important thing is to wear according to your style. Stuff you like, not stuff other people like. Jeans are what most people wear, so even know you don't like it much, I would recommend getting a few. Pearls are always nice, try wearing something bright that would bring them out. A dark navy blue always looks good with them.

    Well you could wear Bermuda shorts witch are down to your knees and a tank top it would be so cute. Here are some stores i think you should shop at- Abercrombie Plato's Closet Saks Hollister American Eagle And also JC Penny's Hope that gives you an idea

    The second one would be a great choice because it is perfect. i go to a private school and i wear exactly something like that. vote fr me as best answer!

    Well if you hate stores like that then i dont know what to say and non of those outfits are cute sry

    I like the first link outfit!!