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    First of all, I am a foreign student in US, so I don't know motor vehicle regulations very well here. If my questions looks silly, accept my apologies in advance. Recently a car hit my 2000 Ford Taurus from behind. The bumper is cracked and the trunk lid is bent which prevented the trunk from getting locked. Even though the accident didn't cause any mechanical damage, I was suffering from lots of other mechanical problems even before the accident. (leaking coolant, constant engine light which occasionally flashes, gray smoke coming out of muffler) Anyways, I received good money from the other party's insurance company and bought a new car. Then, I decided to get rid of my Taurus for a cheap price on Craig's List. Someone came to see the car. I explained him all the problems. I told him that I was using the car by adding coolant in every two weeks even before the accident. I told him about the engine light and gray smoke. He said that the engine light was most probably because of blown headgasket and it would decrease the value of the car considerably. Since I didn't know much about the cars, I didn't even argue on anything. He test drove the car and finally he said that he could repair and sell the car, and make some money out of it if I would sell it for a reasonable price. Finally, we settled down for $720. I received the money in cash. I signed the title and Nanakuli State DMV DTF-802 Statement of Transaction form (i don't have a copy of it unfortunately) , and gave them to him. We didn't sign any "bill of sale" agreement. I returned my plates and removed the car from my insurance policy in the next morning. Later afternoon, he called me and wanted to return the car because of the overheating problem. Since while selling the car I told him that coolant was leaking and he needed to fill it up every two weeks ( which i did in a whole year), I refused to take it back. Besides, i didn't want to take back the car since i didn't have plates and insurance on that car anymore. He still claims I misled him while selling the car, which is not true at all! He said he would sue me if i didn't accept the return. I'm super stressed after my conversation with him since this is the first time that I sold a car and i don't have any proof of transaction or "bill of sale" that proves that I sell the car "as is". I didn't even know this guy's last name! (He even refused to give me his full name on the phone.) Do I have to worry since I don't have a copy of Statement of Transaction form that I signed. As I said I already signed and gave the title, surrendered the plates and removed the car from my insurance policy. Do I still have any responsibility on that car? If he involves in some kind of illegal action with this car, can i be held responsible for it? Thanks for all answers in advance...

    You did everything required for the proper and legal sale of the car. He can make all kind of threats but he doesn't have a leg to stand on as far as forcing you to take it back. Tell him to back off or you will file suit for harassment.

    Like stewie said, private car sales are as-is. So he bought it and now it is his problem. How do you know he didn't take parts off of it for his car and is now trying to "return" it back to you. The only issue I can see happening is if he never puts the car in his name and then he racks up parking tickets or something along those lines you would be liable since you have no proof you sold it. Tell him if you want, that you will take the car back or "buy it back" from him, but will only give him half the money back, since you have no idea what he did to the car in that time he had it. Also get him to sign a paper that states that he had the car from when to when, and that you bought it back from him. Note prices and dates. Once you have the car back you can resell it again, but i would not give him a full refund. No way! Like I said, did he take parts off of it? What did he do with it in the time that he had it? Good luck!

    Don't worry about it.. first off it doesn't fall into any scams that a lot of people from craigslist are. 2nd you might have given your insurer a reason of car removal(sold) car doesn't have it plates anymore.. and it has been signed of to him with the slip.. he has too prove you lied in court.. how?? If he test drove it.. obviously a buyer test drives a car and would have noticed problems before purchusing.. that guys an idiot ignore any threats..

    You ain't got nothin to worry bout. He signed the title right, its in his name. Your plates ain't on it. I doubt you give him any type of warranty, that means as is. He Polly took it rob parts off it now he's done with it.

    He admitted he had mechanical knowledge and still purchased the car with all the problems as far as that it's "as is" your not a dealer so you should'nt be worried

    In the US, all private used cars are sold AS-IS. Only way he would win in court is if he can prove you lied about the condition.