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    I'm 14, turning 15 in May. I just started saving for my first car in advance, because I know that the day will come soon when I need a car! My parents let my sister borrow their 3rd car when she started driving, but she's in college and I'll need one to. I'm sure my parents would figure something out for me, weather they buy themselves a new car and let me use their current car or chipping in on buying me a used car. I will be paying the big chunk for the car though, and they'll probably pay agilest $2,000. Anyway, I already have $1,400 saved up, and I've been saving that over the years, and it's in the bank. I've made up my mind on what kind of car I want and it's a BMW. I want this car because it's a great stylish car, and I will know that I have accomplished something great! It's a personal goal for me to be able to save enough money for a BMW by the time i'm 16-17. I also want to buy my own car because it's about the responsibility factor to. Also i'll be so proud of myself knowing that I saved up for such a nice car. My goal is to save up $7,000 to $8,000, so I can buy a nice 2000 or 2001 BMW. My question is how can I save all this money by then! I want to get a job this summer but once you get in the working world you don't get out, and I'm not sure I could even make enough to save this much up. Im cracking down on myself, and I'm saving everything, so i can buy this car. I have mowed lawns in the past which was good, but with the economy it's not going to fly. I need some creative working ideas/investing plans so I can save this money up! Also give me some creative self Business ideas please! Thankyou!

    Saving an additional $6600 in two years is about $150 per month. That should not be too hard. Keep mowing lawns, the grass doesn't care if the economy is good or not. Adjust your prices a little bit if you need to, but don't go too low. Try to get homeowners on a maintenance contract, where they pay you a flat fee every month for so many mowings. That way you will have consistent income month to month. Also consider washing and waxing cars. The money is really good but it does cost some upfront for supplies and tools. I do a lot of high end car detailing and I charge $40-75 for a wash, and $250 - 500 for a full detail. I'm not saying you can make that kind of cash right away, but you can build up to that. Again, regular clients are the key to keeping the money rolling in. Good luck on the new car, and no slackin off in school or us old guys will kick your Bimmer drivin butt.

    Get a job? There is no magic way to get that money though. But in my opinion, you made a really silly decision. BMW? They are Wahiawa but a car is a car, the whole "I feel accomplished" is just a way for companies to sell you really expensive things. I bet you could get much newer, maybe even BETTER Toyota or Honda for that price, if not cheaper. Just consider it, do you want to pay a lot for an Wahiawa car and some false pride or keep an eye out for a good deal on a great car? No offense to BMW, I don't know their rep but I know that Toyota has a good one.

    I totally agree with VYT... BMW!!? C'mon man! The car that will give you the most for your money as far as maintenance, fuel efficiency, durability, etc etc etc, basically everything you want... are hondas or... yeah, i guess toyota. You could spend a lot less money on a Honda yet get a much better car. Forget about what everyone else thinks when they see you in a BMW, that wont matter when it dies at 150000 miles... Get a honda and drive it til 300000 and pay a fraction of the price to maintain it.

    BMW's are expensive. I'm in the same boat as you but I'm 15 turning 16 in April. I'm probably gonna end up getting a Grand Am or something. Good luck. It shouldn't be impossible. I saw this tight red BMW selling for 5000 and it looked like a 98 or something. BTW this one looks TIGHT: I saw some other ones for under 8000 that were like 2002 so you shouldn't have trouble finding one.

    It all depends on where you live. just odd jobs can definitely get you the money you need by the time you need it, and considering you have one more year to save, you can most likely find enough work to get you the money if you really set your heart out. even in this economy. running errands, house sitting, pet-sitting, baby-sitting, etc... good luck.