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    Low income financial/rent/etc assistance in FL? When my husband left me a few weeks ago, I was pretty much left with nothing. I was laid off from my job and decided not to pursue a new one too seriously since we decided it may be better if I became a stay at home mom. I have a 2 year old and a baby on the way, and when he told me he wanted to leave me, I decided to move out of our house (he wasnt living there, and it was being foreclosed on anyway) and into a condo that my mom owns that is quite pricey, but average for the area. The only income I have is 2 more payments worth of unemployment (not a possibility to renew, so Im told when I called them last week), and I have foodstamps and medicaid. Ive been trying to find a job without much success, but Im so scared that even if I do, it will be low paying without health insurance, and with that pay I will probably loose foodstamps and medicaid, and I cant really afford that being pregnant. So guys, I guess I am just asking for help here. What other programs are there in Forest Park that could maybe help someone like me out? I feel kind of lost searching on the internet, I was hoping there were maybe some people on here who have found assistance somewhere and could point me in the right direction. Section 8 is totally closed for my area. They say they will not take applications again for maybe a year or two. I contacted a seminole county community assistance department (or whatever they are called, I really dont know) and they can normally help with rent and maybe some cash assistance (if I understand it correctly) but only if you lose your job in the last 60 days. I lost my job in Sept. And even so, they only help with one month's worth of bills aparently. At least, that is what the rude bimbo on the phone told me. Anyone else have any other ideas for me that could maybe help me cover my rent and utilities?

    The housing assistance for people in your situation is the homeless shelters, they are set up for people like you. There should be one in your county for women and children. They will force you to spend 8 hours a day looking for a job though, your idea of being an unemployed stay at home mother on the tax payers expense is not going to work out very well.

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    Esther Heidenreich
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    Reilly Bednar
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