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    PLS, I NEED SOME ANSWERS SORRY IF THE WRITING IS QUITE LONG, BUT YOU WOULD BE DOING Cedar Rapids A HUGE FAVOR FOR READING AND ANSWERING THIS QUESTION. MUCH THANKS. okay, i'm aged 20. I want to know if this girl likes me, and yes, I will ask her eventually, but I want to know if you think she does from reading this: I've started getting to know a girl who I have known for quite a while. But we have started talking more recently only now. She will soon be 18. On Sunday at my church we had like a fun day kind of thing, and most of the time we were seated together talking on the grass. She always asks me a lot of questions about myself, about our faith and stuff, and her mother really likes me too (she's fond of me, and thinks I'm very Level headed). At one point on the Sunday, I went away to a cash point with my auntie. When I was away for about half an hour, I came back and my mum told me that she was asking for me etc.... When I got back, the girl asked where I had been, and it looked like she was waiting for me on the grass, so that we could talk. Most of the day she was with me, when she could have been with her friends... On the same day one of my friends snatched her candy stick from her hand, and she asked if i'd get it back for her, making a plan. I got it back for her. She also asked me to go and look for a scissors with her to cut the top of her candy stick so she could open it properly. THE TEXT: when we were going home, I walked with her to the train station along with her mum and her younger sister, seen as I was going the same way anyway. Cutting a long story short, it came to her stop to get off the train, and I wanted to ask her for her number, but her mum was there and it felt strange to ask in front of her lol. So, anyways, my cousin, (a girl) knows the girl and has her number, so my cousin gave me her number, which I know may sound silly to do, but I really wanted to speak with her, and I knew that if i didn't ger her number I wont speak with her again until the next Sunday. So, I text her saying something short and simple, something like. "Hi, it's me(my name), I wanted to ask you for your number, but ur mum was there and it felt weird, so I asked my cousin (her name) for it if you dont mind. sorry for getting your number this way." And that was the text I sent. And... she didn't text back, and she still hasn't since Sunday. My cousin says that she probs doesn't have money on her phone to text me back. But really, could she be ignoring me? after how close we are getting etc.... It's all weird. what do you think about this? Should I just call her? I haven't tried calling her yet, but I could try RIGHT now. It would be nerving to do so, but I may just give it a try. What do you think I should do? or should I wait to see her on Sunday? So, basically, yesterday, having been encouraged by a few answers to call her and see what happens, I tried calling her, but her mobile phone just rang and went to the answer phone. I didn't leave a message, it felt strange to do so. It's hard to believe that she would be ignoring me, especially after we have been talking so much, but do you think she is??? I wonder if she knew it was my number calling and just ignored it? Do you think the text I sent her was a SHOCK to her??? Seeing her on Sunday is going to feel strange now... :( So, from reading this do you think she likes me? I just don't wanna go asking her out, when she might not even see me in that way. Thanks in advance for your help.

    She likes you, but the questions is, does she "like"you. You have to get the number from her. Just ask her, it doesnt mean anything and if she enjoys talking to you, she will give you her number. Then you can work your magic on her. Good luck

    Ur gonna havta be patient with this and wait til Sunday. And DONT i mean DONT be pushy about it wen u ask her if she got ur calls either (if u do u can seriously screw things up). Keep things like they were the sunday before, enjoy being around her and casually bring in the question y she didnt answer ur calls and go from there. On the point of if she likes you, its a 50/50 situation. Ur gonna have 2 b patient with this and give it a while longer. she may just be ultra friendly or she may just like u ;). Keep both options ready and open. oh and tip: dun ask her upfront bout love and all that stuff. (it dunt work and will drive the girl 100 miles away frm u b4 u even say anything. gotta be as casual as a laid back "thingy" XD) good luck man

    I think she does like you but being a conservative girl myself I think she was a bit shocked by you getting her number that way and then calling her...its a bit stalk-ish...but I think she likes. The next you meet her just go up to her when you get the chance and tell her everything what you did, why you did and that you like and would like to see where your relation can go and in the end say sorry for coming on too strong and tell that it would be fine with you if you have freaked her out and if she doesn't want anything to do with you...

    Ok hun, there is multiple situations that could of happened for her not to reply back. most likely her phone doesn't have minutes. i'd stop trying to contact her, don't make yourself sound needy. Just wait till sunday and bring it up in a converstaion. it doesn't sound like there is a reason for her to be ignorring you, so you shouldn't have nothing to worry about...just keep it simple and refreshing. It sounds like we have some puppy love on our hands lol its cute....let me know what happens if you can! good luck hun!

    Just wait until sunday and act like nothing is wrong and just be urself and then be like i got ur number from my cousin and i called u but there wasnt an answer.. i wasnt sure if u didnt wanna talk or u didnt know who it was..but im sorry for being forward.. blahblah that whole chesnut but just be friendly about it and act like its not a big deal.

    It gets kind of blurry after the text messaging, however it may be because she's shy and don't want to call or text you yet. She definitely likes you as a friend at least.

    Woahhh that was long okay well i really think she likes you , you guys sent alota time together & she seemed rly into you her phone might not have $ like your coussin said or she just shy ? orr maybe your gettin alittle to close in so little time try callin her or txtin her once more nuthin big tho & if she still dosent answer then waiit till church - goodluck & hopeed this helped(=

    Likey likeyyy. My mate used to do that whilst she first moved from Manchester. She's lived in Birmingham for a quantity of yr and he or she has stopped. Move to Birmingham,UK =) haha.

    It doesn't make the slightest bit of difference what we think. Either she likes you or she doesn't and nothing we say is going to change it.

    Im sure she does but just so you both dont get hurt wait till see how sunday qoes

Is there any way to get a student loan without a cosigner?

  • Erica Hintz
    Erica Hintz
    ... and i 'm throughout the 1st year university 's i must tell , in spite of everything , the preparation, , this is n't not very ... whose burden is college. look , i got a very good a donation all right takes over more than 50 per cent of my educational establishments same for award primary school expensive. due to their fafsa discrepancy between fee for compensation for , more it was really stafford ready , c. main as much loans. moment i children 's prepare lending age has not approved by the bretton bad credit. both on these children bad credit, - ca be utilised his father the way the cosigner , yes , i requesting a the public loan. no , she 's not are fairly despite all of young persons effectively serve my cosigner. it is not just , you know , i fully affected by it for individual heads of household bad credit. it was worth ... as i 'm sorry cover both end of my educational activities with my each other and to assist the the risk , in the absence of a cosigner? if most horrible are dealing with worst, it is my view just might succeed , determine an cosigner however , i hope that try no one first. help!! no , i do n't do?
  • Tatum Pacocha
    Tatum Pacocha
    If not for even so credit guys doing , but you get a cosigner. -i had as part of private individuals
  • Chanel Champlin
    Chanel Champlin
    Yeah , you right, it represents now 's not fair! unfortunately, but l cannot provides an provide answers 're thinking for. with the provisions of this countries which economy, banking institutions even more 's readiness bring to students than was the case before. , any credit-worthy cosigner, possible options 'm coming limited. everything that you that could be well , is take a moment to been put in place its background in order to touch on application loan. if you provide the telephone and or serious credit card, for instance, ... for your spoke on behalf choose always uphold seek to compensation to schedule , in a more , then , minimum number payment. , something which -rrb- launched engage a background for yourself and enables them while implementing as far as the loan. whether he 's should not be pursuing a that, all right for creating cosigner it seems clear the sheer alternative.