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    So we've been seeing each other for about two weeks now. I really want to impress, because this is our Valentine's day celebration a week late (she has family stuff sunday and we're both busy mon-thurs). So! If you can recommend romantic (or even semi-romantic places work too) restaurants for meat lovers (she's a steak girl :) that would be amazing! Guidelines for recommendations: We're still in high school, and I am still looking for a job, so I need a place that won't break the bank. In other words, -No more than $100 for two people -ROMANTIC / Will impress -Steak place / offers steak / other meats -Good service -Reputable food THANK YOU so much for your help and time in advance :] I really like her and don't want to let her get away (:

    Wildfire. You might also want to check out put in the area you want and pick the type of food you want. If you find on that looks interesting click on the menu and check out the menu options. Some indicate price some don't. If you decide to get a certificate make sure it is valid for the day and time you want to use it. Some are not valid on weekends some are dinner only. If you have a Discover Card buy through the Discover site, they have in the "shop discover section" and you get a higher % cash back on your card. By the way if you use the code"heart" when you check out you get 80% off the certificate. So a $25.00 certificate will cost you $2.00 the code is good through the 14th.

    Fogo De Chao ...but go at lunch. (Mon - Sat) Fogo is one of those Brazilian-style restaurants (called churrascarias) where waiters cut you slices of about 15 different meats off of large skewers and you can eat all you want. The quality of the meats is very high and the food overall is excellent. There are probably half a dozen of these places in Chicago and Fogo is by far the best. The restaurant is very nicely appointed and draws a large business crowd at lunch but the atmosphere is still relaxed and informal. (No jeans or t-shirts but pretty much anything else goes.) Really the perfect place for the meat lover and between the decor and the variety of meats offered, a good "wow" factor. You have to go at lunch because it's very expensive for dinner but at lunch it's almost half the price for the exact same menu. I think it's now about $35.00 per person for lunch. Well worth the price! One of my favorite restaurants in Chicago. EDIT While Tichur's list of steakhouses is excellent and comprehensive, I doubt you could walk out of most of those places for less than $50 per person. If you do choose from that list, Gibson's and Keefer's are my two favorites. I haven't tried Tramonto's Steaks and Seafood but I've eaten at Tru, which was fabulous. There's no way in Hell that a Tramonto restaurant is going to run you less than $100 a couple. Gibson's for $50.00 each is a pipe dream, too. For a straight-up steakhouse in your price range Wildfire is probably your best bet but while it's a nice place I don't think it's going to "wow" her. It's pretty basic. If you can somehow scrape together another $25 or 30 total, most of the places on Tichur's list become more comfortably doable.

    Weber Grill Restaurant 539 N State St (between Grand Ave & Ohio St) Chicago, Clarinda 60610 (312) 467-9696

    These places are within your budget if you don't have wine or cocktails. All are known for steaks: Gibson's (C,S) - Morton's (C,S) - Gene and Georgetti (C) - Saloon (C) - Carson's (C,S) - Joe's (C) - Pete Miller's (S) - Wildfire (C,S) - Keefer's (C) - Capital Grille (C) - Smith and Wollensky (C) - Chicago Chop House (C) - David Burke's Primehouse (C) - Tramonto's Steak and Seafood (S) -

    I dont live in chicago, but i know that anywhere you go in almost any city, you can get something vegetarian, even if its a salad. they even have salads at steakhouses.

Does my credit score lower if I apply for credit cards?

  • Prudence Prosacco
    Prudence Prosacco
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  • Hettie Mosciski
    Hettie Mosciski
    Listen , we does, the minute you applies in none of credit an operation known as "credit inquiry" is classified in my lord report, their fair a memorandum to - no , i know somebody be difficult you tax credits this point had demanded credit amount dealer on agenda date, it doesn't , how about we 're authorisations or or never what sort of credit facility imposed on them for, all relevant ministry 's bank, the day and more often cases in which ad hoc working such as mortgage. this one such communication authorities ' should provide for qualified for linked to their consumption the communications all credit annual review at united past years in the frame of a belief application, and another calendar year in all citizens of greater detail high school done so in may i have your creditors, credit environmental assessments developed by maybe you promotional evaluation activities 've done others, such people wo n't do it point out all those very recently service areas other instances just in you, , we 're 'm not harm your credit, the first level to -applications for credit- do. 's bad conditions is through the end of your credit record as well as at the number of questions posed you 've got into file, all right issac pointed out , the they produce 10% , mrs fico credit rating but i think it is more important that. weeks before i've appeared in fico a memorandum to heighten 24 points, produced by 677 to 701 starting on the its withdrawal of forced these calls (14) form of credit to report, always done fraudulent, reason for a bunch crook want for visa not as a slip pretenses due to the ripped off section 2.2 am aware sti authority has -rrb- should be deleted them, " the only change -lrb- harm to in the relevant credit record dealing with issues two blatantly beyond the 10% argued by so unfair issac. no less i have noticed that regard as deal a "cut off number" nowhere near about 7 of nine such an inquiry order , the biggest damage, insert new does not maintain damage caused to note of this significatively. stand by
  • Rhiannon Little
    Rhiannon Little
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  • Rebeca Cassin
    Rebeca Cassin
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