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    A few women seem to keep naturally growing into their very early 20s based on what I've seen. But not many. Other things like pregnancy, birth control, and weight/fitness changes can certainly change size later than that. But please think twice before getting implants. For your own sake, implants come with risks and don't last forever which means replacement surgeries. And from the viewpoint of those around you, implants tell the world, including guys, that you have an insecurity problem and a shallowness issue. They look fake. Feel fake. Plenty of guys don't consider big boobs as a requirement. A lot even prefer smaller. There's another active question on Yahoo right now bemoaning that guys don't like big boobs any more. Meanwhile, plenty of guys see vanity-driven fake boobs as a turn-off or deal breaker, especially for long-term relationships. 34B was the average US bra size before the obesity epidemic set in. So it was considered medium, not small. Most of the classic supermodels (e.g., Cindy Crawford) were 34B.

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Student loans/ financial aid, what are options?

  • Hilbert Schulist
    Hilbert Schulist
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  • Justice Marks
    Justice Marks
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    Josiane Reynolds
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  • Markus Upton
    Markus Upton
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  • Janiya Mayert
    Janiya Mayert
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