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    I’m a 20 year young full time college student who’s paying my way through school. I bought my own car, which is a 2001 and needs maintenance, when I was 19 and I buy my own books and have my own credit cards. I’ve been on a long and wild roller coaster ride with my parents, especially my father. We’ve argued back and forth about me attending an out of state college that had my particular major because of the high cost ever since I was 18. Because of this, I had no choice but to attend a community college and take up a major that is useful, but something that I don’t want a career in. It seems like every few months, my father and I get in a huge argument and he threatens to kick me out or tells me to get out, knowing that I don’t have any money or any friends or family members I can stay with. Also, if we are having a small disagreement, he will say “If you don’t like it, then leave” and it’ll be over something so small and outside of the house. I talked with some family members and they said that I just need to keep quiet because it’s their house. I have a hard time doing this when someone is wrong and unfair, but now I’m learning how to say nothing. To make a long story short a couple of hours ago my dad and I were discussing my tax refund. He wants to claim me as a dependent if he owes the government money, and I told him that I’d rather him not because I am trying to save money to move out and plus I want to use that to help pay for my college loan and credit card bill. I explained this to him nicely and calmly and he said he understood where I was coming from, but it seemed like I didn’t care that he would have to owe the gov thousands and has a 3,000 medical bill to pay. I told him that I’m actually helping him out because the more money I save, the faster I can leave and be on my own, plus, since he didn’t want to co-sign for me or help me pay anything for college, that money that he owes is kinda like what he would’ve paid had I gone to an out of state college. FYI, I’m also filing for a tax credit for everything I paid for college from last year. I acted like it didn’t bother me and he still found something smart to say. I just ignored him but it pisses me off that he’s such a hypocrite and so biasd. How the hell can you say “well we’re letting you live here rent free and not pay utilities so the least you could do is let me claim you.” I pay for all of my own sh** without their help! We’re not poor whatsoever, my dad makes 90,000 a year, but got himself in debt and act like it’s my fault. He’s old school and has in his head, because I’m an adult, I should be out of the house by now and paying for everything myself. I'm very young and the purpose of a parent is to guide their children and help their children throughout their young lives. Every parent I‘ve encountered with even said they do this for their children. This is not the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or even 90’s anymore. Inflation has hit and it’s hard as hell for a COLLEGE STUDENT WITH A PART TIME JOB TO HAVE THEIR OWN PLACE Keokuk EVEN LIVE WITH ROOMATES! I could understand if I wasn’t in college and had a full time job, but I don’t. What I said obviously made sense to him because he said he understood, but he’s still being so biased. My point is, because you will not help me pay for anything and don’t think you have an obligation to help pay for my expenses, why are you complaining about paying a higher amount for utilities, letting me live here rent free, and having to owe the gov more money? On top of that, you keep on asking me, when will I move out? If he didn’t keep on purposely doing things to get under my skin, was helping me pay for some of my school, and not asking me when will I leave, I would do it, but now I can’t trust him or my mom. I know this is long but what are your thoughts? Can anyone relate?

    Yes, letting you live there rent free is unfair. If you don't like the living situation, you can always move, and pay rent somewhere. Now that's fair.

    Gee that’s a lot girl. But I know how you feel I’m in the same boat. Except I just graduated from college and have a part time job but I still can’t afford to live on my own yet I’m saving to do the same as you get out. But until I find a full time job I’m stuck. But bottom line is your family is right (about your parent) it’s there house they don’t care how old you are they make the rules because it’s their house. YES it’s unfair you are an adult you pay for everything on your own the least they can do is support you and help you move on and out it’s hard trying to be a student and work. Your dad is really trippin' best thing to do is what you been doing say your money keep quite and Move. Good Luck : )

    Never idea of it that means, however sounds very logical. Some web sites ( i hate them, they wreck the suspense, however are not able to give up studying them) say that the Plan A is that the promos are for Jericho. However, the talks among Jericho and WWE have not been finalized and in the event that they fail, the promos perhaps used for the go back of any person, so much most often Undertaker. So some distance as 'claiming what's rightfully his' is worried, it would imply that the returning wrestler will pass after the World Title, as each and every wrestler claims to be the correct one to preserve it.

    He is helping you with food, lodging, health insurance, utilities, etc. You are not paying anything to the upkeep of the house or food. I don't care how much he is making that is none of your concern. He should claim you as a dependent because you are. If you don't like what is going on in your home, then get a full time job and go to school part time. There are a lot of companies that have a tuition reimbursement program so you can do both.

    Contrary to my own old school beliefs I agree with you. I'm a firm believer in my house, my rules, my consequences. But it sounds to me like you are doing a very good job of trying to be responsible and not stir things up. If he is making $90,000 one additional dependent will save him very little in taxes. I'm not a tax expert but I believe if he claims you as a dependent he also has the declare your income. Just keep doing what you've been doing and you'll grow into a very good, responsible adult. I know it is an overused phrase but this too shall past

    If you know that he is 'old school' them you should understand him being the way he is.. i know it is hard, but it is the way it is.. and in a way he is helping you.. by living in his house for free. when he doesn't have too, i know you know that.. I don't think I have any answers you want to hear, other then find a way to move out fast and live on your own., that really is the only way things will get better.

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