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    I'm 15 and my dream job is to teach elementary school. But my mom says that teachers get a really low salary and that I will struggle a lot in life. I definately want to have kids when I'm older, and not be in debt, and be able to buy healthy food and everything. I don't spend a lot of money, and I try my hardest to save money on clothes for my parents. So is it possible to lead this type of lifestyle on a teacher's salary? Thanks :)

    It can be a little tough--trying to pay bills, student loans on a salary of 30,000 dollars a year. Especially when at many schools have teachers pay for the extra supplies in there classroom out of their own pocket. Over time, you will get paid more (check a school system nearby and see if they have salary schedules on there website). For example, for the public schools near me starting salary with a Bachelors is 40,000 a year, with a Masters and experience 48,000 a year, Masters and 10 years experience is like 58 or 60,000. Which still isn't a ton of money but its pretty good (even though the cost of living where I'm at is atrocious) As a teacher, you'll put in about 40 hours in the classroom and then also time out of the classroom (unpaid) lesson planning, attending training/meetings, etc. The other poster is somewhat incorrect about having summers off. Most teachers spend time furthering their education or lesson planning/prepping for the following school year. Most teachers unless their married to someone with a well-paying job also have to work over the summer at summer programs, nannying, tutoring, restaurants, etc. So I wouldn't say we have summers off (I worked 55 hours a week last summer) Overall, if I haven't scared you by now you can be a teacher lol. Its something you get into because you love the job and love the kids you work with. If your at another job making more money whats the point? You'll just be miserable. I teach at a small private school and make about 28,000 dollars a year. I have about 18,000 dollars left in student loans to pay off plus other bills other bills. I spend every penny wisely--but I can afford to shop at Whole Foods (for gluten free food especially since I have an intolerance), buy clothes on occasion, safe up to treat myself to dinner sometimes. Its not a luxury lifestyle but I can get by. The biggest thing is learning to shop smart, cook smart (leftovers are your friend), buy food on sale, clip coupons, etc. Money isn't what makes you happy anyway. The important thing is that your doing what you love. Good luck to you!

    I'm not sure where you live. It depends a lot on where you live how much you would get paid as a teacher. I am living in California and as long as I stay in the suburbs of L.A. (at least 50 miles away) I could have afforded a cheap house on my own. However, it is extremely difficult to own a home closer to the city or in a nice suburb without a second income. Then again, nowadays it's difficult with many jobs to be able to so anyway. In short, yes, it would be hard living off of a teacher's salary. Then again, there are many other jobs that pay less than teaching.

    Teachers salaries are not low, they are low compared to the work and education that is needed for them. If you can't budget or spend wastefully, you will struggle. But that is with any job. My husband and I are both teachers. We live fairly comfortably. We have a little one on the way so we have to budget more, but when it was just us we were often able to easily pay the bills, save and buy a little of what we wanted as well. Both my parents were teachers and though we rarely got brand name clothes we were able to travel a lot (they took me and my sister to 4 different countries and nearly every state except Alaska) and do extra curricular activities. That being said, no one goes into education to get rich. I have learn that happiness is a far greater wealth than money and teaching makes me happy (most days). If your goal (not your mother's) is to inspire children, love what you do (since you say this is your dream job), and eat out only once or twice a week, education is a great place to be!

    Of course you can! Be sensible with your money, don't go crazy with credit cards, etc. and you will do just fine. There are many people who make far less than teachers do. I have been teaching for 17 years. When I started out, it was a little rough, but that is true no matter what you do, and I was teaching in a private school. (Private schools usually pay lower than public schools.) But teaching is not for the faint of heart, and it is not something that people choose as a career because of the money. It is a vocation. If you are a true teacher at heart, you will love your job as much as I do. That is my wish for you. Good luck!

    I'm a teacher and I use to struggle in the beginning, and each year it gets easier. Its funny that we still have this reputation of not getting any money, but I actually am paid about the same as all my friends. My wife is a nurse and makes about 20% more than I do, but she works all year. And when I calculate what I make an hour verses her, I actually make a dollar or two more. (I just work less hours). So if you want to teach, teach. There are a lot of ways to grow in education, and a lot of ways to supplement your income.

    I think it depends on wher eyou live. I have a lot of teachers in my family and they do just fine. Personally, my dad is a lawyer. He makes under the poverty line. Here, teachers start out at about 30k per year. The average salary here is about 35k... After about 5-7 years, teachers make about 35-40k per year. So obviously, where I live, being a teacher is not bad at all. I think it would be much more difficult in a place like Muscatine or Muscatine though... the cost of living there is so atrociously high.

    Starting out you would make about 30,000 a year....after time teaching you could make 75,000 a year....administration can make over 100,000 a this enough?...remember summers are off!!!

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