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    Serious answers only please... All my life I've wanted to be a vet..but as I got older I kind of steered away from it a little bit..but I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and I think I just don't understand a whole lot about the schooling process, and that's why I'm not sure about wanting to do it or not. So that's why I want to know.. what is the process of vet school? Like..what do I need to do before I apply to vet school? I've heard of "pre-vet" that something to HELP me get into vet school? Or a requirement? I'm already 21 years old and I feel like I've wasted so much time already, so I want to start getting things done so I can apply. A little background on myself, I've taken a few main college courses (math, science etc) but no animal related classes because my college does not offer them. I live in florida..I know UF has a vet program, but I dont know if I want to go there or not. I'd like to go closer to NY/pennsylvania area...but any advice on any colleges would be great. I've been working around animals since I was 12. I volunteered for the humane society from ages 12-14..I got a job in a pet store at age 17 or 18...I've worked for an exotic animal sanctuary for the last 3 years...I also work for a dog/cat boarding facility, and worked for a different one before that. Other than that I've owned a variety of animals since I was 6, and love to read on how to care for different types of animals (even if I dont own one). Another question...there's a college in Gainesville called the santa fe community college that has a zoo animal technology program...its a 2 year program, and this is what they say about the associate of science degree you get at the end of the program..... "The Associate of Science Degree (AS) in Zoo Animal Technology is what we call a "terminal" degree. What this means is that it does not transfer readily to most four year institutions. To further your education you can either get your Associate of Arts (AA) Degree along with our Oskaloosa degree and then go to the college of your choice or you can go to one of the three colleges that we have a cooperative program with. These are: Friends University, Wichita KS; SUNY Oswego, Oswego NY; or the University of West Florida, Pensacola FL." I'm not all that sure what an associate of science degree does for me...does that sound like it's just a waste of my time? Or is that something that would help me get into vet school??? ANDDD....If I were to become a vet, I'd be more interested in exotics and zoo animals like big cats, primates, is there something I need to know as far as how to do that? Like do I take a different type of course? Or is that just additional schooling? Okay sorry this is so long...Any advice really about any aspect of vet school would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance =]

    If you are in the US, you have to complete undergraduate requirements to apply to vet school. You can usually complete these in 6-8 semesters if you are a full-time student. Each schools has it's own list, but most have a lot in common. Some general ed courses, and a lot of chemistry, biology, physics, etc. Meanwhile you have to be getting experience in the field and making contacts that will write you recommendation letters. Finally, you take the GRE (basically the SAT for graduate school programs) and apply for veterinary school. Everyone applies by the first of October deadline at most of the schools in the country. Then you wait to find out if you get an interview. After that next part of the cycle, February through April you start finding out if you were accepted. Then, you start in the fall and it is a 4 year full0time program. Average student loan debt with the cost of tuition + living expense has been getting pretty high. $150,000+. If you are die-hard wanting to go zoo vet, that's usually about two internships and then a residency (or that's the path some of the residents I know took). You organize those through the MATCH program. Most do a regular small animal one for the first year of internship, then do exotics the second year. Finally, you do your residency which I think can take 3 years. In the end you take the board to become a specialists to be a Diplomate of whichever college you want to join (college in this context is an organization of a particular type of specialists). So, in total: 3-4 years for undergrad. 4 years for vet school. At this point if you pass your National Board and State Board for where you want to practice, you can start working right away. If you start doing internships (more academia) you can take another 1-4+ years on top of that. Also, the pay is ridiculously low during your internship/residency years..


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  • Maude Connelly
    Maude Connelly
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  • Angelina Lowe
    Angelina Lowe
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  • Samson Runte
    Samson Runte
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  • Bella Lakin
    Bella Lakin
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    Aliza Buckridge
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    Wallace Brakus
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