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    Life is so back and forth and you just have to be so so so so so so strong to deal with it I am only a junior in high school. and the things that pressure me the most are college, gpa, and so much stuff There are teenagers out there with a ton of friends and cars and wonderful opportunities who have strength and determination and not fear. I have fear, I have fear and I want to move out of my parent's house, but how can i do that, when Im scared of being rejected in the adult world, how can i do that if Im not sure what it is that i have to do I want to go college in California or New York City (mostly new york city) and I also want so many other things, Im not asking for much. but it's still tough or maybe Im just weak.. Im to weak for the world, I think life is too scary. each day gets scarier and scarier, adulthood and what not. Sometimes i feel i had enough and i just want to give up. How do I become a stronger person? How do I have the guts to overcome my obstacles How can I have the right spirit to ignore my negative thoughts and take on the world!!

    Everyone has fear like yours at least once in their lives...the choice is do you let the fear rule your life or do you use the fear to make your life? Don't focus on the fear or you will end up like a hampster on a wheel...going round and round but no where!! You have a lot of big decisions to make in the next year or so. The junior year of high school always seems to be the hardest...but you will get through it. One rule I always told my girls to use when they were freeking out is this: stop and ask yourself if whatever is freeking you out will absolutly effect your life in 10 years. If the honest answer is NO then stop wasting time and energy on it. If the answer is yes then you need to step back and analize where you are at and what you are doing and form an action plan. If you want to go to college in NYC then you need to make a plan: A. What do you want to study? B. What school in NYC has the best program in your chosen area of study? C. What are the admission qualifications? D. What will be the expenses? E. What will your family be able to contribute? F. Will you need loans? Grants? Scholarships? (scholarships you need to start looking for NOW) G. Do you want to work now and save cash for school spending money or work while you are in college? Talk to your parents, talk to your school counslor, preist, trusted older friend....Once you quit focusing on your fears and get busy with your action plan you will find that they fade and loose their importance. Best wishes and good luck!!

    Kind of what Bugs said. Don't try to create your life or future all at once. Do one thing. Apply to college. Get in somewhere. Just be there. Don't think so much. Just go and do your first year and have a good time and make some friends and try to get decent grades. And when the time is right think about what to major in. The whole picture will draw itself. you don't have to do that. Just do each thing as it comes up. The one thing I've learned as an 'old' person is that (this is just me) the outward things that people prize when they're starting out, the material things, the possessions, the signs of 'success' are not what matters in life. Those things don't fill your soul. Don't worry about being rejected in the 'adult world' Listen to that John Mayor song (I don't know the name of it) but the one where he just found out there's no such thing as the 'real world' He's right. Everyone lives in their own world and everyone is insecure and EVERYONE is afraid of the 'adults.' Even long after they are one. Relax. Everything is going to be fine.

    The answer is in the question. You use the words fear..scared..rejected...not sure..weak...scary...give up....had enough....Self destructive thinking that will get you nowwhere. Turn these into positive thoughts and affirmations. Then in the last sentence you already possess the solution showing that you also have knowlege and wisdom. Change your thinking..change your life. I have faith in the world. I ride the ups and downs like calm waves. The world loves and accepts me. I think life is exciting. Every day presents a new challenge. I want to experience more and more of life. I'm a strong person in the world. I welcome and overcome my obstacles. I am spirit and can only know life love and truth to move through the world. I'm AMAZING!

    Well, right now you don't have the strengths you need to deal with the adult world, but you'll develop strengths as you live day by day. That's how everyone does it. I think that most of your fear comes from uncertainties about what will be expected of you. Let me give you a clue: You aren't required to be perfect. You are allowed to make mistakes. It's normal to be afraid. Wherever you are, make sure you gather around you a support group of friends and family. You'll be fine.

    You are correct, therefore, you take one day and one thing at a time and you will get thru it. Sometimes life can throw several things at you all at once, but the same rule applies. You try to make the best decision you can to do what is right for all concerned. You are not weak and if you keep telling yourself that, you will become that way. People will step into your life for a while and prove to be just the help you needed to carry on and grow. Never turn people away for you need them and they also need you in their own way. Life is full of ups and downs and it is thru these that we mature, become compassionate and patient, forgiving and worthy of being part of this human community. ♥♥♥ daisy

    OK, you need to realize a few things: Life isn't as glamorous in New York or Covington as the TV and movies show it to be, or the silly fantasy games on your computer. Real life is mostly pretty down to earth, conservative, and boring. Second thing, is that God won't put you through anything in life that He won't be with you for, and that you aren't strong enough to endure. But then again, you need to believe in God like I do, and that's not "cool." Right? You get stronger by understanding life isn't all Lady Gaga; that you need to believe in something; and that you're strong enough to thrive! Good luck..

    Well you sure don't sound really to be on your own yet. When I was young we kids wanted out at 18yrs and had no fear of the world. Times change, kids leave home much later and many return to the nest. My suggest is work hard, be kind to others and trust in God.

    I think we all experienced what you are feeling right now. Most of the time we come to realize that what we feared wasn't that bad at all. The adult world I think is more accepting of people making errors because we've all done them ourselves. Baby steps and one step at a time. Good luck.

    I think most people are under presser just now, as money is losing it's value and harder to get, and we have made it our God, and believe we can't live without it. Just think if everyone got rid of money, and made everything 'free', would that make you happy or what? Our technology would take off, with free everything, free power, free food, no more rich and poor, no more heart ache of no money, no more wars, no more stealing. Money makes so many unhappy, so why not get rid of it and make everyone the same? I hear you saying 'but no one would go to work, why? it isn't money that does the work, you would do what you like doing, but have to do things you don't like because of...............Money.

    Get the dvd YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE by Louise Hay then you will stop focusing on weakness & seeing your are strong. To be a winner you have to be a winner. We are all the same but choose to think differently pick higher thoughts. You can spend your whole life looking for answers or start seeing you have it now. The Wizard of OZ taught that.

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  • Lilliana Funk
    Lilliana Funk
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    Lorenz Veum
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    Jana Hegmann
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