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    So I was just hired for a new job, and am waiting on a few things before I can start my training. I will be working in a social services department, with mentally disabled adults. I just got fingerprinted, and now I just need a pre-employment physical. But they have to get the fingerprinting results back first. (they are trying to get me to start on Monday). I was fingerprinted yesterday (Tuesday). I have been offered the job as long as both of those go OK. I am a little concerned though. I do not have a criminal record, not even close, but I do have pretty bad credit. (one account may be delinquent, I am not sure). Does anyone know if fingerprinting will show this? Nothing has been said about a background check, and I am almost positive it will show up in the background check. Will it keep me from keeping this job? I am in California. I just put my notice in to my other job, so that I could start this new one. But I am getting a little nervous. Also, would it be Covington to contact them in 2 days if I have not received a call? Thank you for your help

    Your bad credit will definitally not effect you getting the job, it usually takes about a week for fingerprints sometimes longer so i would wait a few days. Good luck with the job I used to do that too.

    Fingerprinting checks to see if you have ever been arrested or detained by the police, or if you have held a sensitive job before (I was fingerprinted to get a Secret security clearance.) Have you pulled your free annual credit report to verify what your credit reports look like? See www.annualcreditreport.com This is the free, no strings version. Do not let any account go delinquent. Better to make minimum payments. Good luck.

    Your bad credit has nothing to do with a criminal background check. So far, that is not illegal. But many jobs do ask for a credit report, and they often will not hire because of bad credit, especially defaults. Get the job, and work on cleaning up your credit--just don't go with one of those companies that charges you a big monthly fee and then ruins your credit anyway.

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