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    They said when i signed the paperwork i didn't have to have no money down but now they are sking for it? i think i'm just taking the car back and besides they haven't paid off my trade in so i guess that's still a good thing. i called the old dealership and they said that the account is still active and noone has contact them about paying it off.That is really something!

    You weren't approved for the loan yet, you just signed saying you want the car. Put $2000 grand down and get your car.

    Disregard the last answers. Simply go/go online to your local bank and apply for a loan. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Write down the rate you are offered. Then try Capitol One online. See if you get an approval. When you do, you now have leverage. I'm assuming you don't have 2K lying around. So now you can renegotiate the interest rate, the bank approval, your monthly payment, all rolled into one. Nice Huh? It would be really really good if you knew your credit score/tier approval from the dealer. That would save you some time and hassle. GOOD LUCK AND CONTACT Amesbury IF I CAN BE OF SOME HELP!

    Normally u must have some money in the Bank in order to raise a loan. When u r dealing with overdrafts, they see ur depaying capacity. No Bank will lend u if u go tell them that u have lost ur job - they would just infer thatu have a resuced repaying capacity now & that it is very hard for them to recover the money that they have lent u. This would hardly be the time to raise ur overdraft limits. When the going is good, if u r running a business, most bankers would offer to increase the overdraft limits, even when u don't need any more money, Cruel, isn't it, but this is the way the business world works.

    Ok you don't have to give back the car or anything like that when you talk to the manager again tell him that you don't have 2000 bucks see what he says they will probably try to stick you with higher intrest or a higher payment. Don't let them do that tell them that you will give back the car if they change anything. Trust me this guy has worked hard for the sale he is just trying to get his commision up. look at your original paper work as well If he says that you have to pay 2000 then tell him to show you were it says that and ask him to send you the paper work you signed saying you would pay more. Good luck take someone with you like a family member or older freind some one that has some experience and is not afraid to talk roughly to these people.

    Just drive the car back immediately. the deal is not done yet, you do not own or need to keep this car. im sure they had you sign papers that if 100% financing could not be obtained you would be notified. now you have a choice, bring car back or bring 2000 for down payment.

    Banks are not doing 100% financing. They will approve the loan if you put $2000 down. No down, no loan. You're very lucky to get a car loan with so little down these days. Good for you!

    Run don't walk, as fast as you can from that dealer. While what they are doing is not illegal it is borderline. They and the finacial institution they use are playing games. The same sort of games that got all these people is this big mortgage mess. Get away from them as fast as you can. If they give you a hard time about anything you have already signed just tell them you will have to check with your State Attorneys general. DO NOT deal with companies that do that sort of thing.

    You filled out a credit application, the bank reviewed it and ran your credit report to get your credit rating. As a result of the rating, they will approve your loan, but only if you put down at least $2,000. Yes, it's legal, and common. Apparently your credit rating was not 720 or better.

    Yes they can do this but they should have told you. i recently bought a car and they told me that they may call and ask for the car back if the bank decides its not a good thing. you probly don't have great credit(maybe just good) or a blemish that would make them have second thoughts. It sucks I know.

    Why did you sign for something that you didn't know how much it cost? Next time tell them you will be back when they call with the final price. Trust me they will call. Just because everyone signs things without reading or knowing the price is no excuse. Be the one that stops this behavior. Trust me I have seen this same exact question 100's of times. Good luck!

Looking for a personal loan I just got divorce and my credit is not great.I make great monies who can I apply?

  • Richard Flatley
    Richard Flatley
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  • Amaya Orn
    Amaya Orn
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