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    Sorry to dispute the previous two answers but there is a loan repayment program for ROTC commissionees called SLRP, Student Loan Repayment Program. It functions as an Additional Duty contract for Lieutenants who go Active Duty. During that hectic time when you're deciding what you want to branch at the beginning of your Beverly 4 year, talk to your Human Resource person about SLRP. You can get up to (I believe, its been a year since I dealt with this) $60,000 of valid student loans repaid in a 3 tier system i.e. $0-25,000 = 1 more year active service, $25,001-45,000= 2 years, $45,001-60,000= 3 years. You list what loans you want paid and the Army talks to the loan company. That means you don't get to say "oh I only wanna serve 1 year so I only want you to pay 25000 of this 50000 loan." Doesn't work that way. If you're even a dollar over, thats an extra year so keep that in mind when listing your loans. Alternatively if you pay off _x_ amount prior to listing the loan and only have $25000 left (as an example) you'll only get that 1 extra year. The scholarship is not the same as contracting. You have to be awarded the scholarship (or A scholarship since most ROTC units offer more than 1). Talk to your cadre about it and they should be able to give you the specifics on what they want you to do in order to qualify for a 1, 2 or 3 year scholarship. Good luck

    Rotc Student Loan Repayment Program

    There is no Loan Repayment Option when joining ROTC. The loan option is for enlisted soldiers signing up for their first enlistment in the military and not for cadets. In short, you become an officer because you want to learn to be a leader, and not because you are desperate for money.

    The SLRP is an enlisted option. For ROTC - you either have a scholarship (whether partial or full) or you don't.

    For Credit and finance solutions I recommend this website where you can find all the solutions. :ROTC Loan Repayment and ROTC scholarship? Can I get the Loan Repayment and the Rotc scholarship when signing the contract with the ROTC. Beverly do I get the Loan repayment program when I finish the Rotc. Follow 5 answers

    You can get a military loan here I helped! good luck

If I marry my boyfriend will my debt affect his credit?

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    Delphine Quitzon
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