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    Yesterday somebody was calling me i have 3 allegations on my ss number... they know information about me like my name the last four digits of my ss number and the last four digits of my bank account. they told me i have an unpaid loan from cash advance usa for 300 dollars and it was on january 2010. what was funny about it is I DON'T REMEMBER HAVING ANY LOANS Longmeadow TRANSACTIONS on that payday loan company they are telling me. they had told me they wired the money on my bank account on january 2010 but i reviewed all my bank statements and didnt see any transactions. also this is the first time i heard about a payday loan like that so it is very impossible for me to get a loan from them THOUGH they know some details about me..even my address and my friends cause i used them as a reference on one of my loans WHICH IS not even related to cash advance usa. and all my loans are paid ON TIME. i just want to ask if is it a fraud? or what. i'm really confused if they really can send me to court or something. the number that was calling me was from texas and im from nevada. this is really putting me on too much stress. i need you opinions pls:( THANK YOU!

    This sounds very like a scam to me. If they contact you again ask for full details in writing. Tell them you will forward a copy to the IRS and the police fraud department. If they ask for your address, tell them they already have it. I'm betting you won't hear from them again. If you google payday loan scams or payday loan complaints, you'll find dozens fo stories similar to yours, about pushy people demanding payment that was never due. If they even catch one sucker, they have their money made. Don't let it be you.

How long does a 73y.old have to move,after her home was sold at an auction after it went under foreclosure?

  • Rosalinda Medhurst
    Rosalinda Medhurst
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  • Patsy Hudson
    Patsy Hudson
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  • Earl Schoen
    Earl Schoen
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  • Walker Larkin
    Walker Larkin
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