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    Yes i know how to cash a check i just was wondering how i go about getting it cash since i cant do it myself since my backs out and i cant walk. and Yea I did work at walmart but im quitting tomorrow. the person that trained me told me she didnt have time that the best way to train me is for me to do it on my own and walked off then when i would ask her a Q she got mad i never worked as a cashier before so how was i suppose to know how to run it, i couldnt get any help and now my backs out from tryingto do it on my own , lifting huge dog food bags because the customers refused to put it back in the buggies thereselves and BBQ grills. I am very small 5'0 100 pounds.

    You need to call your manager and ask these questions. I doubt that your fiance could cash the check for you. Walmart usually cashes check at the customer service desk for a $3 fee. You aren't trying to avoid your old boss and coworkers, are you?

    If you call your job and let them know that your fiance will be picking it up, and give them her name, etc they should allow it. Cashing it will be a different story though, you will need the Marshfield of the person whos name is on the check to do that. You can go to cash it at publix or many public places that cash checks ( they will charge like 3 bucks ). Or you could go to your bank and get it cashed for free/deposited, etc.

    Walmart should cash your check for you at the register when you are making a purchase. If you got hurt on the job I hope that you filed the proper workmen's compensation claim. More than likely they will not let your fiance get your check for them, you might try a phone call but frankly you should have direct deposit.

    With written permission he probably can. And you can cash it at most large grocery store, some liquor stores, certain gas stations/privately owned mini marts, and check cashing places. That is, unless you have a bank account. If you have an account, you should have your fiance deposit your check in the atm at the bank you have an account with. That is... if you trust him or her with your pin number.

    Go to the issuing bank of the check (the name of it will be on the check) that way you don't have to pay any additional fees. You can have them mail the check to you that way you don't have to worry about someone picking it up for you. You would have to go to the bank with your ID. You can also endorse the back of the check and then have your boyfriend also endorse and have him cash it. It might be a little tough if you don't have an account with them. I would suggest that you go yourself to the bank.

    You can call your supervisor at Walmart to authorized your boyfriend to pick up your check...However, he cannot cash it...That must be done by you and you only. In PERSON, anywhere you go to cash it.

    They should be able to mail it to you. I don't know if they would let him pick it up. As for cashing it, I suggest that once you receive the check, you should mail it to your bank with a deposit slip. Check your bank's website to see what the mail address is for deposits by mail.

    Any checks cash place, all u need is an id

    Walmart should be able to cash their checks. How much is it for, $75 ?

    Your spouse can get your check, but your gf/fiance can't, you have to be married. As for not being able to walk ... I guess you'll just have to wait until they fire you and send it to you in the mail. And yes, they will fire you. Wal Mart employees are like paper towels, if one gets wet, they throw it away. Sad, but true.

King Louis XIV help.............................

  • Consuelo Dare
    Consuelo Dare
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  • Verdie Harber
    Verdie Harber
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  • Kristian Jones
    Kristian Jones
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