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    I went in last tues Aug 4th to trade my van in for a new Honda Fit, they said that I could still get in on the cash for clunkers but would have to wait till the paperwork went through to pick up the new car (I still have my van) How long could I be waiting for this new car and is there any way to get out of the deal at this point?

    I went in last tues Aug 4th to trade my van in for a new car, they said that I could still get in on the cash for clunkers but I would have to wait until the paperwork went through the goverment before I could pick up the new car (I still have my van) How long could I be waiting for this new car, they seem to be holding a lot of cars almost all their cars are "sold" and is there any way to get out of the deal at this point?

    I went to the site and here's what they said: YOU ASKED. WE LISTENED --------------------------------------... We’ve heard that dealers are asking consumers to sign agreements with contingencies when they participate in the CARS program. CONSUMERS SHOULD NOT SIGN CONTINGENCY AGREEMENTS TO PAY BACK THE DEALER SHOULD THE CARS CREDIT BE REJECTED. We’ve also heard that dealers are asking consumers are asking consumers to keep their “clunker” until the deal is approved by NHTSA. IF THE DEALER HAS THE NEW CAR North Adams STOCK, THE DEALER MUST ALLOW YOU TO TAKE POSSESSION OF THE NEW CAR BEFORE THE DEALER MAY SUBMIT THE CREDIT APPLICATION TO THE GOVERNMENT. PLEASE REPORT ANY DEALER TO NHTSA THAT DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO TAKE POSSESSION OF A NEW CAR PURCHASED UNDER THE CARS PROGRAM. PLEASE CALL THE CARS HOTLINE AT (866) CAR-7861.

    I'm in the same exact situation, I traded my clunker last tues. Aug. 4 for new Civic and dealer said will call me when he gets the rebate from the gov. I was actually doing some research online to find out how long those rebates are taking but so far I found no info. The dealer told me it might take up to 2 weeks, I can't wait to get my new car. Good luck I believe you can get out of the deal before you take delivery.

    It would Probably take another week or so. The Government is very strict on having all Information on your clunker and if the dealership makes one mistake, it will take a longer process. My dealership made one mistake and missed one page of a document so we ended up starting all over again with all the paperwork. It would be very difficult to back out now, since you signed the agreement papers at the dealership. I have over a dozen customers waiting for there clunker to fall through and it has been over a week now. It is a waiting process and it will take some time. Honda Car Sales

    I bought a new car through cash for clunkers on July 27th, its been 2 weeks and I'm still waiting for the government to come through on their end. Its a very frustrating wait.

    The dealer has concerns about getting the money from uncle sam. If he doesn't, your deal is dead. If he does, you are good to go. Getting out of it ? Not sure. They sure don't WANT you to get out of it because they make money when you buy. They dont want to be a bagholder if, for whatever reason, the government money doesnt come though. Can you blame them ?

Can I claim my fiance who lives with me and receives SS disability as a dependant if i am head os household?

  • Marion Russel
    Marion Russel
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  • Stephon McKenzie
    Stephon McKenzie
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  • Gunner Skiles
    Gunner Skiles
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  • Jane Hilpert
    Jane Hilpert
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  • Jayme Effertz
    Jayme Effertz
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  • Jeanne Schumm
    Jeanne Schumm
    So as to be able to a 'dependent', everyone has the considered as a 'qualifying child' or 'qualifying relative'. it was also important provide greater 50 % of their mutual support (considering all income, both to tax free income). - suppose your tone fiance it was qualifying relatively low (?), she not yet been responsible for or derogations in me see the tec time.
  • Buck Greenholt
    Buck Greenholt
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