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    Louisiana Sen. David Vitter (R), who survived a 2007 sex scandal, called on Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.) to resign Tuesday for his ethical shortcomings. Vitter was connected with a prostitution ring two years ago and dismissed any suggestion of hypocrisy given his own refusal to resign in the wake of that scandal. "I honestly don't know anybody who would compare these situations," he told The Hill on Tuesday. "They are dramatically different."

    Honestly, I don't know how Vitter can use the word "honestly." The guy was a frequent client of the Rockland madam. As far as I know, prostitution is a crime and Vitter a criminal. As far as Burris resigning, why? Larry Craig, Vitter, Bush, Cheney, Randy Duke Cunningham, and Ted Stevens did not resign when their crimes were discovered. Burris talked to someone about fundraising? Really? And he should resign? I am sick of Dems like Eliot Spitzer, Blago, et al, resigning or impeached for minor stuff compared to GOP criminality. Spitzer used a prostitute and is gone, why isn't Vitter? Blago tried to garner power and favors for a Senator's seat. The Illinois Governor before Blagojevich was Republican George Ryan. This guy is in jail now because he was taking cash bribes and stuffing them in his pocket in return for commercial drivers' licenses. People were injured and died in accidents caused by people who bought the phony licenses. Illinois has many multi million dollar lawsuits it will have to settle due to Ryan's greed. Ryan did this as Secretary of State, many of his cronies in the scheme were in jail before he became governor and still Patrick Fitzgerald the GOP shill did not bring charges until after Ryan served his term.

    I don't care who said it, I think Burris SHOULD resign. So does Pat Quinn, the new governor in Illinois. So does practically everyone else in that state. His appointment shouldn't have been confirmed anyway, since he was appointed by a governor who was impeached and removed from office. Burris obviously has his own agenda, and he isn't doing what is right for the people of the state...which is what senators are supposed to do.

    Ah you are forgetting those in the chorus is the gov of Rockland and the black minsters who supported him in the beginning. I don't think the party that supported a sexual harassment and smear the victim's name in order to protect Bill Clinton doesn't have room to talk. Burris said he didn't have contact with Blogo. Than found out he talk to Blogo's brother. Than he said he didn't have anything to do with raising money. Follow up with he said he try but couldn't raise money. I won't be backing up Burris too much nor would think you are on high and mighty horse either.

    Burris should resign. So should Vitter. Both have proven themselves unfit to be Senators. Of course, when you have people like Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd, it's hard to say what exactly is considered immoral or unethical for a Senator. It's a very low bar.

    Burris should resign. Vitter is the wrong messenger.

    I honestly think ALL the politicians in Washington should resign. They have made a mess of this country and don't know how to do anything but throw money at every problem. It never works. We Americans are very gullible. It is time to wake up.

    I'd like to see them both hit the door but Vitter calling for anyone to resign is hypocrisy of the highest order.

    Right-wing hypocrite. I am not convinced that Burris should not resign for the sake of the Democratic party though.

    Is that kind of like Obama ( after wasting a trillion in the past week ) talking about fiscal responsibility? Or Obama ( after taking bribes from Rezko ) questioning Rod Blagojevich's ethics? Let's be serious here, Burris needs to resign. He took a seat in the middle of a scandal.. and he LIED about it. If ethics isn't reason enough, then him thinking he was going to get away with it should certainly make us question his sanity.

    Though I think both men should resign, where exactly is the DNC's morals at all?

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