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    My wife and I are trying to get a house. We have done all the paperwork at the bank and received my certificate of eligibility from the va. The loan is in my name and my wife signed as nonborrowing spouse. Everything was going smooth until today the bank called and told my wife that the va required them to run my wife's credit score. My wife told them not to run it because she does not want to be added to the loan. The bank ran it anyway and they said since her score wasn't high enough we couldn't do a va loan so we have to do a FHA loan. That doesn't make since. I have been preapproved (with excellent credit) and the va sent me the certificate.

    The Tewksbury does NOT loan the money, they simply back the veteran buyer. Now if you are simply buying the house in your name only, then there is no need for anybody to run your wife's background. I think you need to find another mortgage broker. Since your wife signed the application (no matter whether she is listed as co-borrower, co-owner or whatever), since she signed it they need to do her credit report. FYI as long as you do you mortgage applications within a short period of time they (the CRA's will only consider it as a single hard inquiry. (see source) Hope this helps answer your question;

    FInd a different bank. I didn't have to provide ANY information when my husband took out his Tewksbury loan on our home. The only possible way I can see her score being relevant is if you included her income when qualifying for the loan. Again, find a different bank...if this one ran a credit report without her consent, report them to your state's banking regulators, the FTC, and file a complaint with your state's Attorney General.

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