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    Ok life at home has been a nightmare ever since I can remember. I'm 18 now and a senior in high school. I thought I could wait it out until I graduated from college but I really doubt it now. After I graduate I'm planning on making a run for it but idk how I'm going to live. What will I need to take with me? And if my mom is signed onto my car with me can I take it or is that illegal? I will be living in Birmingham Jus any overall helps or suggestions?

    Listen to me and listen carefully hun. i was 18 when i moved out, i did it on my own, no help from family, i didn't ask and they didn't offer, im 23 now and its damn hard still..i live with my boyfriend and we have a lovely apartment and both work full time, we have 3 dogs and bills and rent..food costs alone are expensive..although now im settled and happy its been the worse 5 years of my life..i have never ever taken a credit card loan or mobile phone contract out..thats the only good thing thats kept me financially stable..i know times are hard when your 18 and wanting to move out. if you are then please do things before moving out 1. think carfully about it - living alone may sound exciting but the fun soon stops and it gets very lonely 2. make sure you have a full time, stable job! - you don't want to end up on the streets 3. dont leave on bad terms with your parents - explain that you feel your ready to become a adult and moving out is something you feel you want to do - if you leave on bad terms you wont have anyone to turn too when your poorly, upset, lonely and have no money. 4. dont get into debt - credit cards and loans sound exciting but there not when it comes to paying it back - your credit history is IMPORTANT for your future. 5. use contraception - a child is something you dont want to do alone and with no stability. 6. keep your family and friends close - like i said dont alienate yourself - ive been there and its a steep slope. 7. when your financially stable and your rents is paid in full along with your bills and you have some left over start saving - you never know when you will need it. good luck xxxxxx

    Cowards run so act your age and finish school

    Before you know what you should take, you first need to know where you are moving. If you're moving in with roommates or family members, they may already have a bed and furniture. If you're getting a new place (ie: an apartment) you will need everything you can get like a TV, couch/chair, a bed, etc. You'll of course need all your clothes, bathroom stuff, shoes, phones, chargers, computer, pillow, covers, and everything. The more you bring, the better. If you were to take a car without asking, it would be illegal despite if your name is on the insurance policy. The only way this would be legal would be if you are signed as a co-owner. But this still may be an issue. Before you graduate, I would suggest hinting to your family that you want to move out. Sometimes this is hard, but if you are persistent, they cannot stop you. With them knowing about it, they are less likely to be hard on you if you were to suddenly leave with some of their stuff. Hope this helps.

    U need to save as flats are not cheap its not just rent u need to consider its gas electricity water council tax tv licence if ur runnign a car u need to pay for that too i agree with the other person find someone u fully trust and see if u want to get a flat together make sure they work too and dont let them sponge off u or u off them u need to be working full time too cos part time wont prob cover all expenses me and my partner on bills rent and everything else and food in a month we spend approx £1000 pcm top just pay the basics this doesnt include luxuries not to mention u need appliances like kettle toaster stuff u forget about that u need, hoover,washer there is a lot involved i understand ur unhappy but think very carefully before u do anything silly or u could find urself trailing home with ur tail between ur legs

    Get a job now to start saving up. And maybe move in with a roommate to help with costs. Make sure your roommate has a job

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