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    My boyfriend has hinted on us buying a home together (as well as getting married), but the house seems to be more of a priority since I live with my parents and he will be getting out of the Army early next year. I was already in the process of saving for a home before I met him, but this probably won't be possible for a year or so. My credit score is great, but since I have school loans I wouldn't qualify for a loan without a co-signer. His credit isn't so great, but he may be able to get the Birmingham loan (I don't know anything about this). So in this case who would be on the mortgage and/or deed? What would happen if we happen to break up since we wouldn't be married? (This is not what I am planning on, just thinking of the worst case scenario). In this case would it be good to find a lawter to draw up some kind of agreement in case of a break up?

    Two people who are not married or for that matter, who aren't even friendly can buy property together. You would need an attorney to help you draw up what happens to it should you want to go your separate ways and that document will guide a court if your parting is less than amicable. That is a worst case scenario. Hopefully, the two of you will live happily ever after and this home will be the first step of a long life of growing together.

    VA Loan would be the easiest financing available and save you lots of time and money. Having a plan for the house with a lawyer also would be good to have and likely save you lots of frustrations. If you have questions simply contact the Best Birmingham Loan Specialist's in the country and they can answer any concerns you may have.

Reducing my credit card limits after consolidation?

  • Darrin Hermann
    Darrin Hermann
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  • Elza Schmidt
    Elza Schmidt
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  • Reanna Donnelly
    Reanna Donnelly
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    Britney Hartmann
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    Hazel Crooks
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    Kieran Mante
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