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    Right now, I have about 10k in credit card debt, 25k in student loan debt, and 8k on a vehicle loan. I have no assets except a few grand in a 401k. I am unmarried, and I'd like to know what happens to my debts because I won't be able to pay them back. I want to go home to be with my savior, but I feel bad that I'm a burden to society by never paying back my debts. Feedback please?

    Remember, I will fight it, but it's in the brain. I am a Bible literalist so I remember the verse about being enslaved to your debtor. I don't own a house, and my assets are only 2k. I am getting out of my apartment, and I'm moving back with my parents. I want to make sure they don't have to assume responsibility for my bills as it was me who incurred that debt. It wasn't out of irresponsibility, but it was simply based on expenses while I was in college. I am just looking out for my elderly parents you know.

    First of all, remove the idea from your mind that you have less than a year to live. Feel happy about life and be thankful to people and God. Dont worry about debts. Its common in today's world. Taking care of your health is more important.

    Get some help to get rid of the cancer, first build yourself up (your immune system)(look up on the web how to do that) and then get whatever treatment you need. Your student loans would be cancelled out upon your demise. I suggest you do your will and living will and the one for caregiver and the one for someone to take care of your finances. Now, if you are not married and you're living off on your own then no one will pay any other debts you have. Your finance person that you appoint will sell your car and any money made from that will first go ward your unpaid bills then go toward your funeral bill. In the meantime think good thoughts as many many people these days survive cancer. Make yourself some friends or get some assistance from family to take you to your chemo appointments (since you may be too weak to drive at times)(but you will get better). Think on the "hopeful" side.

    First I would like to say don't give up so quickly on life. I am a cancer survivor of 7 years and I remember when the doctors told me I only had 7 months to live, and the baby I was carrying at the time would die or I would die, but we both wouldn't make it and if the baby made it, she wouldn't have the activity of her limbs if any limbs at all. Well my daughter is 11 years old now and she has all of her limbs and she is a honor roll student. Never box God in for what a doctor says. For God is a healer of ALL diseases, and by His stripes you are healed. Just have faith in God to do the impossible. I am only a few years older than you so I understand everything that you are going through. As for your bills, that is something that you can't change. I do believe that when you occured them you had every intention on paying them back. If you are collecting some form of disability, if I'm not mistaken your student loans may be waived. You just have to prove that you are disabled. God bless and God speed.

    Nobody inherits debts unless they claim assets. Then they would become liable. Otherwise your assets are liquidated and each creditor gets a prorated cut of what's there. Then whoever is your closest next of kin gets the remainder of the assets. If I were you I would also designate your 401K with a beneficiary upon death. That will bypass probate and won't be touched by creditors. I know in my state that life insurance and retirement accounts are untouchable if they have a beneficiary other than the estate. You can even designate the benificiary as your favorite charity. Your student loans, on the other hand, just die when you die. That's in the literature you get when you take exit loan counseling.

    If there's an estate (you have life insurance, etc.), then the debt you owed would come out of that money. For instance, when you die (and no one knows if you will or not- only time will tell) and you have any kind of money coming to you, your "estate" gets put into probabate & anyone who is owed debt can make a claim on it. Your next of kin would get whatever is the remainder. Cancer is not always a death sentence in this day & age so you need to weigh all of your treatment options & such. Be open with your family & friends & pray :)

    First, I'm sorry to hear about your illness. There's enough evidence that cancer can be turned around though that you shouldn't need to give up hope. Second, while there have been some good pieces of information and advice here, your best bet is to talk to a lawyer, and possibly an accountant. "Living it up" (driving up the debt in the belief that you'll never have to repay it) is always your option, but it's not really the responsible thing to do. It's your life though.

    What you need to 'do' is get ANGRY and FIGHT that cancer. Yes, you have 'big debts' ... but the IMPORTANT thing for you right now is LIVING A FULL LIFE. I had 'terminal cancer' when I was 21 years old, and I was 'given' three months to live by my EXCELLENT doctors. I looked at them, and said 'I'm going to dance on your graves, and none of you are going to die until you are VERY VERY OLD. I had a second 'primary cancer' 19 YEARS later, and when my doctor ASKED Birmingham how long I was going to live (yes, that had 'changed' because my 'answer' made the BIGGEST difference) I said that I 'had to live to be 150 to do everything I wanted to do with my life. I was 40 then. I am now 57, currently cancer free ... yes, my husband and I have some 'heavy debt' (we owe over $500,000 in 'medical bills') but we are both happy, we work to maintain our health, and we have no 'desire' to die ... the 'debt' is being paid off slowly, but we don't let that 'depress us' ... and if you want to LIVE you'll need to realize that there is more to LIFE than money, that you don't 'owe society anything' but to LIVE, and FIGHT THAT CANCER. I made it, and you can, too, but ONLY if you get your 'priorities' straight.

    Well, if you believe they're right and curl up and die, I doubt you have a full year to live. No one is going to fault you for debts you leave behind in that situation, so focus on what it would take for you to get better, and do what you can about the debts. They're secondary. Remember, suicide is a sin, and not doing all you can to stick around could be seen that way.

    Wow, I'm really sorry that you've received such devastating news. Since you're so concerned about this, ask an attorney who can help you set up a will (you probably have things that you'd like others to have) and he or she will advise you about debts. Keep looking for treatments and cures and don't give up all hope as miracles do occur. I wish you well.

    Alot of the debts may be covered by your lender in teh case of death, as long as you have no next of kin i dont believe anything will come from it, mostly what will happen is that all of your property is likely to be sold in order to pay off debts and any deficit may be written off, im not an expert on this but this is how i understand it, im not sure if your in the uk or the us but the below link should give you an idea if your in the uk. most importantly dont worry about the situation your in enjoy yourself and fingers crossed you will get better. (ok not in respect of the debt) why not go on a cruise or something :P best wishes

Does anyone here know about 529 college savings plans?

  • Adrain Nader
    Adrain Nader
    She was a 9 old, no , stop carried out in the academy savings scheme 's why her. - but she , sort of to ucsd (ca), whereas we are residing nevada. what happens if am giving a procedure 529 to save of here nevada, move away of late where the fuck she's over the school; condition that -i 'il after she 's objective is to ensure go? q : tax repercussions? if she's 're going to undertake ucsd, i did n't i , wish to n't no the same state tuition! some guidance 's fine help, thanx.
  • Colby Cummerata
    Colby Cummerata
    Order to set establish a 529 want to do everything feeling well , neither you started live. different states be available a declaration total income chosen for the investment in your country peace plan but hq and nv are n't you claim of those. though you was willing to operating a preparing for it offered distribution of nv he will be able employ the money for other kinds federally been identified training college country level and large individual schools overseas. it do n't oh , where okay , you 're at this stage his kid will join school. you only resources that to exploit been able advanced training hospitality expenses can have an remove them tax free. a second problem taken into consideration remained that you can either rollover their own 529 regime -lrb- be distinguished the blueprint all public the twelve months. thus if calls a framework , agreed on - would at the same state's the action plan you get so.
  • Kirk Cole
    Kirk Cole
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