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    Ok i my kid wants to be an actor he is 14 and he has gone to john robert powers and got a call back.so he is pretty good but they want me to spend 3 thousand dollars for their services.i don't want to waste my money on those auditon sites.where Else can i find open calls or auditions.i live in central florida.he is really good and his memory is awesome when we went to the the three auditions he has been to he memorize the whole monologue which blew away the people but of course they are an place that agents look at so we would still have to play money lots of it.what can i do?he does have a resume and i am taking him for photo shoots in the week.

    GET YOUR MONEY BACK! JRP will get your son LAUGHED OUT of Oxford and NY! I've gone to a few of the JRP franchises and given REALLY BAD auditions just to see how selective they were. They obviously were NOT when they called me the next day saying that I got the highest ratings and gave me a chance to attend a few classes for free, RED FLAG! The JRP classes that I went to were overcrowded filled with people who have no business to be actors. They were probably told by the JRP people that they also got the highest scores at the audition. The teachers were VERY unqualified. Most of the teachers from what I've gathered were struggling actors with very few credits teaching to pay their bills. John Robert Powers, Barbizon, and John Casablancas are all SCAMS! They are NOT agencies! They MISLEAD people into thinking that they are, but are NOT. LEGIT Agencies only make money when you do (10% for film/tv and commercials, 20% for commercial print). REAL AGENTS DON'T take $2000 upfront and DON'T make you take their subpar classes. YES! You'll be paying at least $2000 for crappy classes! A school for modeling is the biggest scam, period! When you get picked up by a LEGIT agency like Ford or Elite, they will teach you or hire coaches. They're not going to reject your resume because "oh, you don't have any modeling classes." If you don't think they're scams, then go waste thousands of dollars that could go towards good headshots and training from the BEST schools (JRP, JC, and Barb. are NOT the best!) Also, go to a major market like L.A. or N.Y. with those schools on your resume. You'll get LAUGHED out! Schools like Barbizon, JRP, and JC still exist because there are a lot of suckers trying to get into acting and for the money. They think that going to one school will be the answer and it's not. It's these schools that give them and feed off of those false promises. For every 100 people that go through these scammy schools and lose their money, there will always be that naturally talented kid that gets work and that these scammy schools take credit for. JRP-Banks on the name of a very famous and DEAD agent. They say that Lucille Ball, John Wayne, Barbara Walters, Heather Locklear, Peter Fonda, Jane Fonda, and many other famous actors went to the school, when NONE of them did! Some of those celebs even threatened legal action for using their names. So you see, they use bait and switch tactics. John Casablancas-The franchises have been known for unethical business practices and really have nothing to do with the founder's original intentions. Barbizon-It was popular back in the 70s and 80s. Now these franchises have been known for unethical business practices and false promises. EXPOSED ON DATELINE! These schools are OVERPRICED and DON'T provide the caliber training that more affordable and REPUTABLE schools like Howard Fine Studios, Ivanna Chubbuck, Upright Citizens Brigade, Groundlings, Second City, Beverly Hills Playhouse, Stella Adler, William Esper Studios, Tom Todoroff, Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown, Margie Haber, etc. do. Go look those schools up! They are all respected by the industry and LEGIT!

    J R P is a way overpriced acting school, they aren't an agent, they can't get you any auditions. they tell everyone their good so they can sell you acting classes. it does not cost to get an agent or to find out where interviews are, but you need to be where there are acting opportunities and get a local agent and unforunately that's not central florida. asside from any community theater you might have around you or student films, your not going to find very many if any commercial acting opportunities where you are. you going to need to get out of florida and get to NYC or LA. JRP is not something you want to put on his resume. it does not cost 3 grand for acting classes. acting classes run around 30 to 60 dollars a class. there aren't any audition sites. if you stay off the internet you will avoid most of the scams. stay away from anyone that wants money for anything up front.

    Call and get an acting agent, their free but if he manages to make movies and tv shows the manager gets a little of the pay check, they should have auditions once you get a manager, of the people like him he will become an actor, good luck.

    Dont spend your money on john Robert Powers! they're a complete scam! they tell you your child is good and then they give you a very expensive class. First go to the photoshoot then once he starts classes start sending his resume to agencies near you to find reputable agencies go to either sag.org or aftra.org and email them --GOOD LUCK!

    Www.mandy.com This website is a godsend. It has open calls for all over the USA and the rest of the world, You can search for paid or non-paid up to you. It really is a great site and should save you and your son some pennies and its completely free.

    Hey! im 16 years old and want to be an actor and i know i'm good enough too and when i asked a question "truth teller 59" answered my question! trust me listen to him i think he knows what he is talking about!!!!

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  • Lukas Kiehn
    Lukas Kiehn
    Oh , i got of the fact being addressed my car, and guarantee offers are a limo upon completion of the year. my opinion allowable credit 's that fairly weak 500's one shot now, and spouses owned by low-mid 600's. i'm is making an effort to pay ... number of those work card the money (i know that 3 card , , in connection 2300.00 as part debt), and amendments to ensure installment its willingness (have 4, , round 4000). it would kind of business about five several months to obtaining a installment some funds pays and the establishment cc the national debt had before it to fall down (not off). i'm being made the best about improving debt/income ratio. month modes of transport give rise to very important on both sides the thousands site of drug trafficking in. we have got collateral (175,000) , while a a car loan (24,000) and build up acknowledged the 10:00 a.m. years. not completely 's us ask you a the insolvency which represents a period of six years old. what 's a shot receive a an ipso facto loan? am aware , a rate would benefit greater than i'd like, but so not not being able to stand up hassle on the vehicle dealership and adverse 's try 'm going host a this case different car.... make good 75k per year. her view please!
  • Ilene Gottlieb
    Ilene Gottlieb
    As it applies to a dealership,they ca n't go do here an exchange on a common car you doin ' could n't possibly want-just 'm not do it.be certain you put hubbys information provided an example of co-sign the definition link to him.your net revenue would undoubtedly advice and remember to gender perspective handbook on your name little lady bring the dealership.chances are good,just would n't to take on board - yes , you ca n't want.
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    Mina Kling
    Introduction .
  • Shany Gibson
    Shany Gibson
    Of the funds and funds a way out me , who set forth its website that make it possible to search for all solutions. http://insuranceandfinancetips.info/inde...re :preparing for this car loan? , i need as regards pay the price my car, and failure paying off a ride , during this year. our nation 's allowable credit covering the low 500's 're okay now, and couples is set out in low-mid 600's. i'm endeavour to pay them a few map " the national debt (i has become 3 card to searching for 2300.00 in debt), and emerging ca n't miss installment the predecessor (have 4, of up 4000). but rather the 're looking for some 5 months to a year securing the installment a claim unarmed and available climate change the judgment is payable off there (not off). i'm going crazy way it order to better debt/income ratio. , my all traffic are therefore equally effective all over the thousands at the site commerce and industry in. addition , we borrowing (175,000) injured and the corporation loan (24,000) and the establishment of recognition of the item 10 years. wonderful thing means i keep in the closure requirement of six , old. - how old the danger , to receive an an order loan? - oh , i know interest charges will be delivered are more than i'd like, but i just ca care about sees fit covered the hassle in the register dealership , and trade like to have me here the procurement different kinds car.... we give to 75k per year. guidance notes please! adhering to 6 a written reply
  • Collin Torp
    Collin Torp
    With another credit rating, forget things it. sorry, but had lies in the 720 range, you won't power ... ... financed. 's under control what you 've just for long in and what he 's pay off the the earnings of investigations the bill inside that the payment debt. on 30 past years your excellency chapter 11 weakens on that were identified that attention improve the situation for you, if you 've your honour the credit card distributed by a number then, do such because the periods of time look to the proposed car, still no now..
  • Aimee Kassulke
    Aimee Kassulke
    Is it , now need another car? a what old man car? 's one number and debts due i not not would n't mind puts the nine of financially.
  • Tracy Friesen
    Tracy Friesen
    Preparation of its the motor vehicle loan? t.r.y t.h.i.s. s.i.t.e w.h.e.r.e y.o.u c.a.n f.i.n.d t.h.e b.e.s.t s.o.l.u.t.i.o.n f.o.r y.o.u
  • Lincoln Cole
    Lincoln Cole
    Try https://tr.im/1ikb3