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    But every study and measurement shows unionized states with public education rank and do better. My latest evidence is the states that earned the Race to the Top Great for Excellence: California, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island and Washington. Also why do union states actually pay less than non union states like say Anoka teachers make less money than non union teachers in Texas?

    Because if you use vouchers or any other private system, the rich get to subsidize their private school costs while the poor get screwed with an even crappier system. It helps them. That's why.

    I don't know of anyone who wants to fund private education. Non union teachers are still public employees with good wages and benefits. I also disagree that union teachers have shown to be better than regular public employee teachers. Detroit's schools are in a shambles, D.C. schools have some of the lowest scores and NYC is the absolute best example of a mess. Non union teachers do pretty well but they can be fired if they have sex with a child or come to work drunk or use or sell drugs or watch kiddie porn on their computers. Unionized teachers have unions that will fight for them no matter what crime they have committed. There is a building in NYC where teachers who cannot be fired but are too dangerous to be around kids are kept each day. They go there, sit all day, read magazines, play on their phones, drink, smoke dope or play with computers and draw a paycheck just like the teachers who are in the classroom. Some of have been in there so long that they have reached their pension ages being paid for the city to stay away from kids. Those are union protected teachers. The cost the NYC schools about $7 million dollars a year...but they pay their union dues so that they can get a paycheck. As are nearly all of the teachers who have been prosecuted for the offenses I have mentioned. Teachers are employed by local school boards and districts who have elected members to provide the best education they can with the money that can be raised in that district or county. It is in everyone's best interest to recruit and retain the best teachers they can and keep scores up. Unions play no positive role in any of that. Teachers are professionals with degrees and skills, they are not drill press operators. The teachers most interested in unions are the bad teachers who fear that they will be fired for their conduct, low test scores, etc.

    Compare test scores and job results from private and public schools and its obvious. Also, in 39 out of the 50 states including most of those you listed the literacy rate has fallen since the publicizing of education. In fact, Massachusetts was the first to do it in 1850 and their literacy rate has never been as high as it was in 1849. As far as union states paying less than non union states, it actually has more to do with where the money is. Most union states aren't as rich as non union states. For example, Ohio is saturated with unions, but there isn't as much money in Ohio as on the East Coast by D.C. and New York. The result is the east coast prices are higher because more money chases the goods.

    Unionized states with public education rank and do better on standardized tests. You leaving out the "on standardized tests" part doesn't mean the part where students are in a race to the bottom isn't true. Seriously, we're graduating people who can't tell the difference between your and you're, their, there and they're or it's and its from public schools. Throwing money at it doesn't work. Period.

    Because they are unamerican "It is better for the poorer classes to have the aid of the richer by a general tax on property, than that every parent should provide at his own expence for the education of his children, it is certain that every Class is interested in establishments which give to the human mind its highest improvements, and to every Country its truest and most durable celebrity." -- James Madison; from letter to W.T. Barry (Aug. 4, 1822) "Instead... of putting the Bible and Testament into the hands of the children at an age when their judgments are not sufficiently matured for religious inquiries, their memories may here be stored with the most useful facts from Grecian, Roman, European, and American history. The first elements of morality too may be instilled into their minds; such as, when further developed as their judgments advance in strength, may teach them how to work out their own greatest happiness" -- Thomas Jefferson; from 'Notes on Virginia' Query XIV

    Most private schools are no better than your average suburban public schools. The kids just get away with cheating more and do more expensive drugs. Their parents also pay for overpriced tutors which get them that extra 40 points on the SAT. Compare private schools to specialized public schools and the public schools are much better. Overall, the performance of the student is mostly based off of his or her willingness to learn and their parents.

    You're saying that government and Union (whose only purpose is to provide the least product for the most reward) teaching provides better education than non government/non union education? I see clearly why you didn't provide any supporting source.

    Because unions make it very difficult to fire bad teachers. I moved during HS and fellow students thought I was German in my German class because of the way I pronounced the words. I soon found out why. The teacher sat at her desk and read novels while her students studied from the book. That was the class. She was a lousy teacher who had tenure and they couldn't get rid of her. BTW having been in and around unions my entire work life I have discovered that this lazy attitude is caused by unions.

    Maybe because we want our kids to have choices. The standards are actually alot stricter in private schools. From grades to your appearance. I like the fact that my niece and nephew are being prepared for the job world at an early age

    OK, unionized and public like LAUSD? only 60% dropout rate? Accountability is a major issue. NO ONE is accountable in the public system. Just like your government.

    Im a Democrat and Im sending my kids to private school. Lets face it, its better education.

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