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    Hi everyone. Ok here is the deal.....I've been raised Catholic all of my life. I attended catholic school up until high school, which was public and now im at a community college. In the fall I plan on going off to a private university here in southern california, California Lutheran University. The main reasons why I'm choosing to go there is because it is private not public and Im able to start this fall, unlike if I were to go to a public university I would have to wait a whole year, fall 2010, to get in because I missed the deadline. I'm excited to go there because it's about 10-15 minutes from my house so I can save a lot of money by living at home. And besides the 26% Lutherans on campus, catholics make up about 21% on campus. The school is not VERY religious at all, so that's what I hear. So my question is... do you think it would be weird to attend a private (religious) university that isn't the same as your own religion?

    It would be weird for me (atheist) to go to a Catholic or Islamic school, but I wouldn't think it would be very strange to go to a school whose beliefs are similar to yours. I've heard of the Lutheran religion being referred to as "Catholic Light" many times. .

    Whoa whoa whoa.. notice the inherent Bias here in your question -- You clearly said "Clergy" but no where in the article does it identify ANY of the people involved as "clergy" -- You do realize there is a difference right? Not every Principle is a member of the Clergy. Not every teacher is a member of clergy. Notice how you jumped to the conclusion that this was a clergy issue. Secondly, You assume that the Catholic Schools are run by the Vatican. - Actually there are so many layers between the 2, they are no more connected to the Vatican than a scandal in a Public school is connected to the President of the United States. To think that the Schools are ran by the Vatican, shows a nieviety about the Catholic faith. Thirdly, the law is only 6 years old and the Principle has been cleared of wrong doing because he didn't know the details of the law. - I'm sure he should have, but this is QUITE different than willfully disobeying the law. Fourthly, the law seems a bit odd in its wording. According the article.. IF the allegations come from a Teacher to the Principle, then he must notify authorities. However, IF a Student tells the principle, he only has to notify the school board. - I find that weird and QUITE different then U.S. Laws. However, Let's not naively think that ALL allegations get reported. In my own home town.. the local public school covered up many Sexual abuse cases. 3 that I know of, one concerning my wife and 2 regarding another teacher. Impreprities happen ALL THE TIME in public school. My little town of 50,000 have had 3 public cases and as many if not more unreported scandals. In all of them there were some degree of cover-up or deniability involved. <<I understand that the Vatican did in fact issue specific instructions for cases of abuse to be covered up. Surely the leaders of the church should also be charged and not just those who follow the instructions>> That's maybe your understanding.. I'd like to know What you base this on, as I have not undercovered this in any of my reading about the abuse cases. I'd like to know your source which proves this. My question is THIS... Why doesn't the Autstralian media report on every Public School abuse case? Why don't people call for the arrest and indictment of the President anytime there is a scandal in the Government or concerning a government employee?

    NO, BUT, continue to go to the Catholic church for Sunday Mass, as the Lutheran's do not believe exactly the same as Catholics and they have broken away from the Catholic church, so anotherwards it is not a TRUE mass if you attend a Lutheran church service WHEN a Catholic church is still in your immediate area. IF you were traveling Blue Earth found a town in the US which ONLY had a Lutheran church...THEN you could go there without feeling guilty. BUT.. so long as a Catholic church is within reasonable driving should go there for Sunday Service. But, otherwise... It is Blue Earth to go to a University of a different religion. Notre Dame doesn't require all of its students to be Catholic. Talk to your Priest if you are still feeling guilty. Since roughly 20% are Catholic AND Lutheranism is very close to Catholicism already, I doubt you will hear much anti-Catholic rhetoric on campus. You'd be worse off if it was a conservative Evangelical University as they are much less accepting of Catholics and you are likely to hear anti-Catholic rhetoric in classes and on campus. ENJOY!

    No, I don't think so. I will say just be prepared to argue with some Lutherans about Catholicism, so know your faith when you go. I don't see a problem in going there. Even if you went to a Catholic University, there's a mix of different religions that attend. Good luck!

    Not weird at all. The fact this school admits non-Lutherans into it's student body serves as evidence. As a Catholic at a Lutheran school, you just have to be aware of the fact you probably will be taught Luthern theology. You can't be asked to believe it, but you will be taught it. That's all. When you go to college you will meet "all kinds" of people, in both the student body as well as the faculty. Chances are, you may very well run into Lutherans who won't be happy with your Catholicity. Screw 'em! (figuratively speaking of course ;), and you'll do fine.

    If you are getting the education that you need, and Private Schools tend to do that a little better, then God Bless You! PS: They won't try to shove Lutheranism down your throat.

    Not weird at all. I went to a Catholic college....and although I was Catholic when I started, I was a total agnostic when i left. Over 50% of the student body was not Catholic. You're there for the education, not for the religion. Heck, I even knew a Mormon girl at my school.

    My college was originally started by Methodists, but I never set foot in the church or school of theology in four years there. Unless you're there for the seminary it shouldn't be an issue.

    I think it is a good thing....better education and better all around group of people than you would run into at a public university....

    Attend a university that promotes biblical christian values not a religion. God loves you....God bless

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  • Kim Kohler
    Kim Kohler
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    Cecelia Gaylord
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  • Chelsea Rutherford
    Chelsea Rutherford
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    Jerrell Schmitt
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    Rico Bogan
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    Maureen Metz
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    Kaela Gutmann
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