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    I am an Oregon resident, but I want to buy a car in California. I know how to avoid the tax fees, but the license fee's do I have to pay? Because I want to register it in OR, so it wouldn't make sense if I had to pay for Chaska license plates right? Also can anyone reccommend a good cheap delivery place if the dealer isn't willing to deliver?

    About the only way you can avoid tax, license and plate fees, is show your oregon license, demand a 24 hour road trip tag if the vehicle has no plates, and get the vehicle into oregon within 24 hours. some dealers may not play ball, because they want the money. It is much less hassle to buy from a private party and drive the car to oregon. I tried a few times to buy a car off a dealer to take to oregon, but thier excessive greedy behavior caused them to lose the sale. good luck, you are supposed to be able to do it, but some dealers refuse to cooperate without creating excess profit they do not deserve, keep in mind, if you pay the ca tax just to get the car, the dealer will more likely than not pocket the cash, because he knows you are from out of state anyhow, and oregon has no sales tax.

I've had credit cards for 2 months, and I have a total of 3, I would like to have more?

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    Ambrose Gerhold
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    Tyrell Howell
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