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    Basically, I got accepted into Drexel University. Right now, my mom wants me to go to California with her instead of living in Chatfield in a dorm. I didn't apply to any colleges in California, so my only option as I see it is going to a community college. I honestly don't want to, and although I plan to transfer out of Drexel my first year anyway, I don't know if i want to go to a community college. I mean, drexel is a good school, and I bet i'd love it there, but I think I'll transfer to California so that I can help my mom with whatever, but again, the thing here is that I don't want to go to a community college because I don't think I'd be able to recieve the same type of education as I would in a private uni like Drexel. So what would you guys suggest?

    Just to add something else. I've got into Drexels accelerated bs/ms program, which means ill recieve my masters in like 5 years. Also, the reason I plan to transfer out of Drexel is because I origianlly wanted to go to CalTech, my gpa was a bit low so i didnt' get accepted, therefore, I figure i'd study hard in drexel for a year and then get into caltech.

    Go to a CC in California. If you live with your mum for one year in then you get instate tuition which will save you heaps. Use the money saved to get a Masters and you will be academically better off. Thanks Bill

    Whatever you do, do try college asap. I went with my mom to CA, the move didn't work out, and I am homeless right now. I am applying ANY 4 year school that will accept me that have dorms. Yet, I still have that ambition that i could go to cc. I know I could save money and get my degree and transfer My advice to you is cc. Since I am homeless, I intend on making cc "my home away from home". The governemnt has already offered a full grant to cover my educational expenses. Why should I pass-up on this opportunity? I intend on studying hard, joining clubs, and meeting new people. There is no rush at cc to get your degree, but do take as many credits as you can handle A degree at drexel or any 4 year school, whether you go as a freshman or transfer from cc, is the same as everyone else's come graduation time Good luck!

    I am surprised you would want to go somewhere and then transfer within one year! Whatever your decison is , stick to it or your Bachelor's degree will easily become 5-6 years of "fun".

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