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    I have been to both schools. I go to a public school now. let me tell you a little about my education thing that you should be mindful of: My school is the the top 15 best school district in the Cokato state. My private school was on the top 75 for the state. i personally like private because of many things. 1) The people that work at the school have to always obey you because you pay them tons of $ a year so you have lots of freedom that is reasonable 2) Kids there actually have parents that enfroce them to work hard (at my school there are a group of people that are lazy and only care about their social level. they come in to class late at 20 minutes into class. they do get in trouble a lot but always mange to come back~i live in a high middle class place but since this is California there are a lot of Hispanics that have parents that dont force school work since they themselves are busy working. it makes me sad that they only care about their social level and who is dating who. i really hope that they wouldnt but thats not the way it works. 3) Uniforms (most private schools have them) i think they are good because girls (especially) wouldnt have to be worrying about how they dress everyday and make their parents pay so much money for them to compete over who has the best clothing everyday. 4) Teachers are usually better because private schools usually hire the best teachers becaues they know if they dont they would have to fire them and then have less teachers and parents usually like it when there are less kids per class so they can concintrate on the who needs help. 5) they get taught beyond what their grade level needs to know. when i transfered to public school in the fourth grade they were learning their multiplication (i went to fourth grade 4 years ago). now to why public schools are better 1) you dont have to pay (yes taxes but thats not as much as private) i actually dont have any pros for public schools. it bothers my family crazy that they send PTA sign ups every other month. my family doesnt do them since we have many other things to do. i hope this helped a lot good luck for the best decision for you child.




    Public school

    Public school.

    I went to both my parents were public teachers but I liked private better. I started my kids off in private and they wanted to go to public and are now. They love it. Whatever makes the person happy. The food is better at public. haha

    Private school is so much better. I went to a public school and I was abused from my peers and my teachers. When I went to private school I was educated thoroughly and the curriculm is amazing. I still go there to this day. The teachers are smarter, gentler, and use positive reinforcement. Public school had a lot of low class people threateneing to beat me up, calling me names, etc. Private school students are NOT what they are stereotyped. Spoiled? Anyone who calls you spoiled is jealous, remember that.

    Im in a public school so i say public school all the way

    I go to a public school and i love it!...i feel sorry for the pple who have to wear uniforms at private schools!

Student loan?

  • Cleveland Schumm
    Cleveland Schumm
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  • Angus Emmerich
    Angus Emmerich
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  • Kole Gerhold
    Kole Gerhold
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  • Colten Beier
    Colten Beier
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  • Madelynn Koss
    Madelynn Koss
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  • Fannie Hintz
    Fannie Hintz
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  • Lowell Koepp
    Lowell Koepp
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