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    I have a situation I need help in. I’ve been a caregiver for about 2 years now with a company. However I recently quit working with the company and got a job working as a private caregiver meaning I work directly with the clients and not through a company. I was getting trained the past two weekends with their current caregiver who now works during the week and I’ll be working during the weekends. This new job is 24hr care in the clients home. I take care of a lady who needs a lot of help (she had a stroke a few years back and is not able to move her left side of the body meaning we use a machine and special equipment to get her up and out of bed we also clean, change and bathe her take care of pills etc...) I also work with her husband who we also have to give pills to every meal.. not only that but we cook and clean the house as well. Back to the topic the client’s son is the who one who deals with all the money. So basically I told him I wanted to get paid at a set rate of $10 an hour 24hr X $10= 240 which means I’d be getting paid $240 for every day I work. (at the previous company I worked we got paid $10 every hour and for every additional client we got paid $10 extra for those hours we worked) However he wants to pay me $50 for everyday I trained with the caregiver because he says it was two caregivers working doing a 1 person job. And only wants to pay me 180 a day. Is this fair? What are my California work rights as a caregiver?

    You are NOT an employee, you are an independent contractor, labor laws (in general) do NOT apply to you... you work for the family NOT a business, the son has said what he is willing to pay; you either accept that or you move on to someplace else.. ((as far as I, and the state's website know)) the minimum wage in Coon Rapids is $8.00 an hour, it is higher in San Francisco and possibly other cities or counties that I am not aware of...

    you moved from the agency to being on your own, you are an independent contractor, so basically no rights. It appears that Coon Rapids has just raised the minimum wage to $10 per hour. When you was in an agency, they can charge more, since, even before the wage law changed, they have expenses to pay, running an agency. Did you leave, since not getting enough work every week, or, could have weeks w/out pay? Your prior agency could have had benefits they had to pay, insurance etc. You will now owe taxes on your earnings and may have lost benefits since leaving the agency. The $50 for training sounds reasonable to me. But, if you don't like the $180 daily wage, then, he can choose to find someone else to do for $180. The total amount they are paying to take care of this lady is costing them $1,260 per week,or $5,040 per month. Most people don't have that kind of money to spend, and usually someone with this type of treatment ends up in a nursing home, and after they sell all of their assets, then Medicaid takes over. Yes this hard work, but you might want to consider going back to your former agency, or find another employer that can protect you under work laws.

    You have to make at least minimum wage. What the pay is should have been negotiated before you started.

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