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    They said I owe $300.00 + dollars. Well I was glad they towed it cause it didn't run. So I was thinking I got rid of it. My sister calls them up and says they can have it. They told us we still have to pay the amout of money they told us and bring them the title to the car and then they will keep it. My QUESTION is when they Tow your car don't they sell it at auction like 30 days later or put some kind of lein on it? I know alot of people who had there car Towed and left it there and never paid anything. Can someone help me out here please. Thank You!!!

    By saying CHP we will assume you are in California. In California private companies contract for vehicle abatement. yes the private company can sell your vehicle, but you are still liable for the storage fees and a fine. You may sell the title to the tow company to offset what is owed storage is running 75-125 a day, but if the car did not run, they will make no money, so they will want more than the title, right now scrapping is netting $275 a vehicle so they will want the balance paid for. Your friends who are telling you they never had to pay clearly haven't tried to register a car in the state since then as the fees need to be clear before DMV will process any other actions.

    They tow your car when you abandon it, and re sell it at a police auction to raise money for the community, and to pay for all the tickets people dont pay, thus leaving the community in debt. Your friend didnt get a ticket, because the vehicle id must have been removed, so the police could not Crystal the car, trace the owner, and issue the ticket. OR, your friend played dumb, and threw the ticket out, but it will still remain on record and a warrant for arrest issued for the owner. 2 suggestions, NEVER mess with the Law, and the IRS.

    Perhaps, but if your car's a real P.O.S. and sells for less than $300 they may come after you for the remainder. And this could become a problem if, on top of that, they charge an additional fee for each day they store the car in the impound lot.

    Whats up: properly - in case you commited some style of violation you're in all risk going to could desire to pay for that violation....they in many situations shop song of that throughout the time of your license checklist. in spite of the shown fact that - human beings abandon their autos to tow yards for all time. After a together as - the tow backyard applies for a definite identify (i think of this is referred to as an deserted automobile identify). while they have that - they alter into the legal vendors and could sell it at salvage sales, etc. There ya pass! ~jifr!

    You are correct. When the police impound a car it becomes property of the state unless the owner pays the amount due. File a notice of transfer/non-responsibility with the DMV.

    That is beautiful, they want you to pay them$300 up front and later earn more money for themselves when they sell it for scrap? Sound like you are getting shafted.Something doesn't sound right here.

    Listen to "Steve C." and get on with your life. This has happened to me several times...just so online and file with the DMV and forget about it! This is a MAJOR scam operation in Crystal and has been for years!


  • Helga Nicolas
    Helga Nicolas
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    Eunice Schulist
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    Pat Gerlach
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