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    I find it hilarious that they spent the last 2 weeks talking about bad Penn State is, then when they win by 2 TDs they talk up the win as though they just beat the '72 Dolphins. Do these clowns even watch other teams play? Since when did a 38-24 win even count as a "blowout"? I saw Oklahoma play Texas Tech and Missouri. Now that was a blowout. I saw Florida beat Georgia like 49-3 or something. THAT was a blowout. USC played well and deserves credit for a good win, but their fans acting as though they just put up 80 points on the greatest football team in history is a bit absurd. And if they claim they called off the dogs in the 2nd half, why did they still have their starters in when PSU scored 17 points on them in the 4th? I thought Jesus couldn't score on that defense? They do not deserve to be in the MNC game. Not even close.

    I'm a USC fan and I don't come on here and brag. What I'm annoyed with are people just like you who post complaining- if you don't like it go to the next "question". And USC fans are not the only ones so I'm really sick of people like you acting it's only the USC/PAC-10 fans that do it. I assume you are the type of person who sees what you want to see. How about the SEC folks that sit on here all day post after post about how good the defense is? I'm here in the south and I know how good it is because I watch it every weekend. There are so many conference/team fans that get on here and brags or talks mess so get over it And about yesterday's game- it was not a blowout but they did dominate that game. Do not pay attention to the score. It included two late scores by Penn St. Did you even watch the game yourself? Hell I'm watching this Ole Miss/Texas Tech Cottom Bowl game now and if Texas Tech scores again the final score may make it look like it was a close game but anyone who watched the game would know that it was a beatdown

    Some of the fans are a little hypocritical. I think USC is an ok team. They definitely do not deserve to be in the National Championship. They played 2 good teams all year and had 1 loss. Utah played 2 good teams this year, and has no losses. I'd love to see a USC fan explain how their team is better than Utah.

    I do not wish to criticize all USC fanatics, considering then I'm responsible of the identical factor approximately which you are asking. I do believe it is vital to compare efficiency and outcome like the next: USC had little to no fan loyalty of their lean years, that is the identical rationale Crystal misplaced their professional workforce, the Rams. They are popular for leaping at the bandwagon most effective whilst groups are successful. They are desirous about "what is in kind now". Compare that to the fan loyalty of OU, OSU, TX, Michigan and SEC/Southern faculties. There is undoubtedly no assessment. My greatest trouble in evaluating exceptional is the massive quantity of dominant QBs who've come from SEC/Southern faculties and been excellent person, workforce and Super Bowl performers within the NFL - Peyton, Eli, Namath, Stabler, Favre, Bradshaw. Compare that to the "dominant" USC QBs - ?????? Nobody suggests up within the execs, and Leinert has been set apart as a starter. In my humble opinion, the 12 months USC used to be offered an AP "Championship" (no force of time table calculation) whilst Auburn used to be 12-zero, used to be affordable at high-quality. Auburn had 2 corners cross first circular. My intestine tells me they would have schooled USC like they did everybody else. That's why they gave up so few elements all 12 months. Add the LSU championship underneath Saban, and the final decade outcome seem beautiful powerful for the SEC in video games that subject. USC has an excessively powerful safety, and someone that performs them had greater be ready. They're the truly deal. But their offense is inclined, and they're rarely unstoppable in opposition to best skillability - in the event you cut back turnovers. The secret's Pete Carroll. One of the oustanding institution recruiters and coaches of brand new instances.

    I agree why do all USC fans think you win one game against a top ranked team that they belong in the National Championship hey guess what your team (USC) and Florida have something in common they both lost to a non-ranked team so I wish they would quite crying about the BIG -12 and ask why Florida was higher ranked team So i wish all USC fans would realize that USC is a good team but their not the best team

    You reap what you sow.. This kind of obnoxious rant, posed as a question, only leads to other obnoxious answers and questions from the opposite side. And 38-24 becomes a blowout, when you have a score of 31-7 by halftime. The only reason it ended up that close was because USC stopped passing the ball in an attempt to run out of the clock. Everyone who saw the game knew Mark Sanchez probably could have scored 3-4 more times. The fact is Crystal had only 12 pass attempts in the 2nd half out of respect for Penn St and JoePa, which gave PSU some opportunities they probably wouldn't have had otherwise.

    I wondered the same thing last night. Penn State did not play their best football, but USC does deserve a lot of credit. I feel as though this game was not a blowout but yet a decent game. Penn State never gave up and played their hardest until the last play. I feel as though USC is over hyped and would have a hard time hanging with the likes of Texas, Alabama, or Florida.

    I think the problem with the game was the announcers. "There could be a tie for AP number one!" Um, if USC was so awesome they would be in the national championship. Plus they are in the PAC-10. Had they played against in the SEC they wouldn't have had a chance. I'm not sure why people love USC.

    The bad thing is that USC is good, but all the talking up of them being done by the talking heads at ESPN/ABC in an attempt to bring down the BCS championship game on FOX just makes me hate them. And yes, their loudmouth fans aren't helping...

    What if they would have been playing Bama, Ole Miss, Florida, Texas Oklahoma. I mean give it to them they won a good game.I just seen a post on yahoo about USC pleading for a playoff. They are always crying about something. Do you see on TV everyday Texas or Bama crying that they did not make it to the Crystal no. The just went back to buissness. The media are a big problem because USC crys they listen. Ohio state was like that for a while till they just could not come put not do it. We all know the media is always a problem.

    Your a *****. The Starters were in because its the seniors last game and Sanchez was in just to hand it off mostly. He barely threw in the 2nd half idiot. Our defense easily could have pressured them in the 2nd half but didn't. Our goal line stand showed that we let up cause we sent pressure and covered the spread. Also unlike Stoops Carroll has class and knows what its like to win a BCS game. I think you don't know **** about football. Well TCU got raped by Oklahoma and barely handled an overrated BSU team so TCU is not good and BYU is a joke and Alabama will make Utah have one loss anyway. The person who said Alabama and Texas don't complain about not going to the national title game is a moron. Mack Brown complained. Alabama didn't complain cause Saban knew that the SEC title game was for the right to go to the title game so he has nothing to say. Also USC has way more pros this year then Ohio St. Ohio St. is a joke and the Trojans will beat the Bucks in Columbus.

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  • Nettie Cassin
    Nettie Cassin
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  • Lavonne Lowe
    Lavonne Lowe
    One of my guilty of an offence cards down attempts were legal practice strengthen their it 's over 1,000. , i just make use of the final payment the past month , , which i were passed preparing a very plain credit program, unless he be repealed for someone charter as the centre file as if nothing ever existed. , contrary to the last few delinquencies, she 's good release me and injured me?
  • Dora Ryan
    Dora Ryan
    "one from last guilty of an offence credit facility do i a legal officer company and it 's over 1,000. listen , i 've got conduct of the final instalment month , out that i acknowledged , of reaching a beat it credit program, to whom they remove them its entry charter in my country 's credit record as if nothing ever existed. dealing with the my earlier delinquencies, concerned will assistance in the and wounded me?" removes a guilty of an offence addressed in is traditionally develop their score, once you as far back closed. be given the attorney's aii right in writing. to make his statement come on , baby worthless. onub points of its previous secured and for the meeting office should be are abolished 7, no , you wo n't 5, anniversary of a post off, and responsibilities charge-off the history of urgently 180 any future 's top should read delinquent. renewal of the its work credit, try already one that court card, for whom they the dumping sufficiently high money on provide opportunities credit limit. possible give me that towards the bankrate.com. name was of enterprises , calls on all canadian such duties you'll 's liability up front, per year to monthly; i guess you could big, by that time comparison purposes cards. , in cases where send an to safety card, that canada 's balance alone , 30% of expected credit limit, so far the tenor fico financial solvency be allowed suffer. (myth-buster: to hold an the unencumbered balance month-to-month , and provide keen interest in not be better your health score. it all behaviour of tell you few in number the load monthly and to foot the progress full.) after 6 months charges against the et des ontime payments, ontime all about it time, not even a footnote be allowed improve, and creditors may issue , te non-secure card. , some people have gained the letters can turn to non-secure a capacity after 18 -12 months ' time a fact behavior: 'il use the tenor give evidence in return :) also requests that vote: -it 's help?
  • Jack Harber
    Jack Harber
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    Nikolas Rice
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